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31 DAYS MOTIVATION: You Can Change in 2014

I CAN CHANGEAs you reflect on your goals this January, don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with how much you need to do. Set your goals, and then look at the reality if you commit to TRYING to reach them – you CAN, and will, improve. Honestly, that is the worst case scenario. For example…

Goal: I want to lose 50lbs.
Reality: I will feel better even if I lose 25!

Goal: I want to pay off my debt.
Reality: It will be awesome even if I pay off a big chunk!

Goal: I want to read through the Bible.
Reality: I’ll read more than last year just trying!

Goal: I want to be live healthier
Reality: The more I workout and eat healthy, the better I will feel.

Even if you don’t reach all your goals, as long as you commit to trying, you can at least make improvements – and that’s a great thing! Think of the things that will improve if you workout more, eat healthier, drink (alcohol) less, go to church more, spend more time with family, spend less time wasting time, spend less, budget more, work more efficiently, be a better steward of your money, time, home, friends, etc. Just attempting these things will change you if you commit to trying.

This year, instead of focusing on reaching a goal, commit to making healthy changes so you can make improvements. As you begin to improve, you will find more motivation to reach your goals, as your goals get closer and closer. Sure, you will never be perfect – but you sure as heck can be better in 2014! Goodbye 2013, Hello to a better year and a better you!

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill 

Change Your Body, Exercise Your Ears

This blog is dedicated to the lost, confused, discouraged, overwhelmed, helpless and hopeless. If you are wanting to get fit but don’t know where to start, you will when you’re done reading this blog.

Year after year I see past failures turn into today’s successes. I see people who have failed every diet plan and workout program eventually succeed. Why? What exactly happens inside our brain remains somewhat a mystery, but here’s where I think it all begins.

It all starts with your ears. You can go to church Sunday after Sunday for YEARS and, suddenly on one particular Sunday – BAM! you change. It’s not like “the message” changed – YOU changed for the message. The difference is you were listening (really listening), you were seeking the truth, you were ready to hear it and you were ready to apply it. However, if you never showed up to hear the message, the message would have never had the chance to impact you.  Read the rest of this entry

CUT and PASTE Diet: 20 Tips to a New Body

If only we could hit the Control X and Control V to reshape your physique! Here are some cut and pastes that actually work!

CUT: Sever, Separate, Detach, Remove, Delete.
If you want to rearrange your body, you will need to rearrange your life – and some things will need to be removed altogether. You can’t keep the same things in your life and expect a different result. You also can’t lose weight unless you are taking in fewer calories than you are burning. That’s just science. If you’ve maintained your weight the way you have been eating over the last year, you can cut calories easily by cutting stuff back (or out) of your diet.

1.) Cut portions in half (use salad plates instead of dinner plates to manage portions)
2.) Cut bite sizes (use small forks and spoons instead of shovels)
3.) Cut out high calorie drinks
4.) Cut down on sauces and condiments Read the rest of this entry


“Wisdom is doing NOW what you will be satisfied with LATER“, Joyce Meyer.

This statement rings true, especially in fitness. Think of all the times we say “I shouldn’t have eaten so much” or “I should have gone to the gym”. We all make bad decisions from time to time, but many people are rarely making good ones.

So often people live in condemnation and regret because they continue to make decisions they regret later. Then they lay in bed at night thinking of all the things they did wrong, and the changes they need to make, only to wake up the next day to repeat the same self-destructive behavior.

A person who acts without thinking of the future often lives bogged down with regret, guilt, depression, discouragement and even hopelessness – and that’s no way to live!

If you want your life to change, you have to make changes. Although there’s nothing you can do to change your past, you can start taking steps to change your future.

By procrastinating, you are wasting precious time you’ll never get back, leaving you with less and less time you could be living thin, energetic, strong, confident and healthy lives. Sadly, some people wait for years.

Mom & Dad

My parents waited until they were in their late 50s to get fit. Granted they love their new lives, but I’m sure they wish they would have gotten their act together earlier in life.

We live at such a fast pace we practically don’t even allow time to make decisions. Instead, we do things without even thinking. Then we act surprised when those decisions lead us away from where we want to be.

If we were honest, this one simple question would prevent many poor choices: “will I regret this later?”  Even simple tasks like skipping a workout or ordering French fries can cause regret.

It’s time to break the cycle. Someone once said, “The future has no room for the past”. It’s time to quit making the same mistakes and time to start living a healthy life you can be proud of.

My new mottoNo more regrets.

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