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3 Cardio Workouts to Beat Boredom

boring cardioAccording to the Physical Activity Guideline for Americans, you should do 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly. Even if you do the minimum, which means you should do 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity five days a week. This could easily get very boring over time!!

Today, on, I wrote on ways to make your cardio more interesting and more effective. I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these 3 workout ideas I shared with Answers:

1. The 3-Way Split
2. The 30-Minute Cardio and Core Workout
3. The 30-Minute Full Body Cardio and Conditioning Workout

CLICK HERE to get all three workouts on!

Don’t Let the “Fat Burning Zone” Deceive You

I just received a facebook message question about their “target heart rate”. I believe this is one of the most deceiving fitness principles so I’m going to attempt to explain exactly what the “target heart rate” is and the truth (more like a lie) behind the “fat burning zone”.

Learning Your Maximum Heart Rate

You may have heard the term, Maximum Heart Rate, but most people have no clue what that is. We see stickers on treadmills saying “65% of your maximum heat rate”, but that’s basically a foreign language to most people. Here’s the answer: your maximum heart rate is always 220 minus your age.

Your Maximum Heart Rate is:
220 – my age (_____) =  ___________
My maximum heart rate is 178

The Fat-Burning Zone

walking on a treadmill

The so-called magical “Fat Burning Zone” is 65-75% of your maximum heart rate. This is the zone where your body burns a higher percentage of calories from fat. This is where I start getting mad and here’s why. Stay with me. We need to work through this math so you can follow me here. Trust me – it will be worth it!   Read the rest of this entry

Best Diet Tip of All Time

Eat What You Can Burn

A FIVE GUYS burger with fries = 1,460 CALORIES. That could take 14 MILES to WALK OR RUN OFF!

Know what it takes to erase extra calories:

  • 1 Tall Salted Caramel Latte  = 1 Hour Power Walk
  • 1 Side of Chili’s Cole Slaw = 1 Hour of Yoga
  • Side of Ranch Dressing at Subway = 3 Mile Jog
  • 1 McDonald’s Medium French Fries = One Hour of Zumba
  • Dairy Queen Dipped Chocolate Cone = 1 Hour of Kickboxing
  • 1 Boston Market Broccoli & Cheese Soup = 1 Hour on the Elliptical
  • Duncan Donuts Mocha Coffee with Cream = 1 Hour on the Treadmill at 4mph
  • 1 Slice of Little Caesars’ Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza = 1 Hour of Aerobics Class
  • 1 Panera Everything Bagel with Light Veggie Cream Cheese = 1 Hour of High Impact Aerobics
  • 1 Steak & Shake Medium Cookies & Cream Shake = 1 Hour of Boot Camp AND 1 Hour Power Walking
  • Chili’s Bottomless Tostada Chips & Salsa = 1 Hour Running at 6mph (10-minute miles) AND 1 Hour of Aerobics

6 Lunches that would take 2+ hours to erase:

NIX: 1/4lb GrillBurger with Cheese: 540 calories
Medium Fries: 310 calories
FIX: Burger with 1 piece of bread, no cheese & no mayo: 340 calories.

#2 MCDONALD’S: 890 CALORIES (No Drink)
NIX: Quarter Pounder with Cheese: 510 calories (they don’t list topping calories
Medium Fries:  380 calories
FIX: 6 piece nuggets for 280 calories or the Grilled Chicken BLT Ranch loaded for only 380 calories.

#3 WENDY’S: 1,000 CALORIES (No Drink)
NIX: Wendy’s Single with Cheese: 580 calories, 33gms of fat, 220 calories just from the bread
Medium Fries: 420 calories
FIX: Wendy’s Single without mayo & 1 piece of bread: 420 calories

NIX: Big Cheeseburger: 570 calories
Medium Fries: 450 calories
FIX: Get a Chicken Fajita Pita for 320 calories instead.

#4 SONIC: 1,130 CALORIES  (No Drink)
NIX: Cheese Burger with Mayo: 800 calories
Medium Fries: 330 calories
FIX: Get the Grilled Chicken sandwich instead for 430 calories

#5 BURGER KING: 1,170 CALORIES  (No Drink)
NIX: Whopper with Cheese: 760 calories, 40gms of fat, 240 calories from the bread, 140 calories in mayo
Medium Fries: 410 calories
FIX: Whopper with no mayo & one piece of bread: 500 calories

#6 FIVE GUYS: $1,460 CALORIES  (No Drink)
NIX: Cheese Burger: 840 calories (not including toppings!)
Regular Fries: 620 calories
Heavy Hitting Toppings: Mayo (100 cal), Cheese (70 cal), Bacon (80 cal), BBQ Sauce (60 cal)
FIX: Scratch the bread, cheese & Mayo & add veggies and jalapeno peppers for TONS of flavor less calories!

Instead of thinking about food as calories, we should look at it as required work to erase. READ MORE

Fitness: 1 HARD Step Forward, 1 EASY Step Back

The #1 mistake I see in the fitness industry is people working SOOOOOOO HARRRRRRD to burn fat, lift heavy, work hard, sweat buckets, even cry through workouts – only to completely erase their hard work with 15 minutes of poor food choices.

The average person burns 300 calories walking 3 miles or 600-700 calories in a 1-hour boot camp workout. Sadly people THINK they are making good choices but STILL racking up the calories because they are making decisions based on guesses and not facts.

Here are 20 examples of how 1 ITEM from popular restaurants, who all try to offer healthy looking solutions, can erase an HOUR of hard work:   Read the rest of this entry

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