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The Fanny Firmer Workout

Fanny firmerStart this intense glute and leg circuit with the left leg planted, right leg moving. Take NOOOOO REST until you do both legs. Work through the burn – it will pay off big-time!!

16 Step Back Lunges
16 Lunge Kicks
16 Repeater Knees
16 Stomps
16 Jumping In & Out Squats

REPEAT with right leg planted and left leg moving. Again, NO REST until the entire circuit is complete. Rest for 1-2 minutes between rounds. Repeat 3 times. Add to cardio (Circuit + 10 min cardio X 3).

This segment is part of this month’s kickboxing routine led by Steve Pfiester at Max Fitness Club, held on Mondays & Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

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Leg & Butt Toning Circuit

Leg and Butt Circuit

You can do this workout with no weight, or with weight. Our boot campers did this workout with sandbags, but it would be great with dumbbells, kettlebells or a weighted bar.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take as little rest as possible (no rest is best for fat burning and toning). Go as deep as you can go on your squats and lunges – the deeper you go, the more inner thigh and glute action you will get, especially on the squats. If you can’t go deep with weight, then lighten your weight or use no weight at all. Use a mirror to watch how low you actually go. If you don’t have knee issues, try to get the same depth as the guy in the photo below – and feel the difference!!

proper squat

3-Position Squat
 – 10 Close Stance Squat
 – 10 regular stance
 – 10 Wide stance
60-Second Walking Lunges
60-Second Wall Sits

Repeat circuit with no rest for 3 rounds.

TRAINING TIPS: Notice his hips are BELOW parallel. If you want some serious buns, the deeper you go the better, as long as your knees don’t hurt and your form isn’t compromised. As soon as you feel that your back is bending, or your butt is tucking under (which we call “winking”), you know you’ve gone too deep, or you have range of motion limitations due to weak or tight muscles. The more you practice deep squats, the better your range of motion will be, simply from loosening up your hips, and getting more flexible and strong. 🙂

Five Fanny Fixes

Five Fanny Fixes

The “Bottom” Line

Bottoms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fat, some are flat, some are big, some are wide in the side. Some sag low and some poke out. Some are lumpy and some are bumpy. But one thing they all have in common is they can all improve with a few fit tips.

I searched the web high and low for some popular bottom problems and found 5 backsides to trouble shoot. For each booty, I will address the individual problem and what I’d do to help them fix it.

BUTT WORKOUT: Be sure to try The Glute Killer workout by Steve Pfiester at!

Five Fanny Fixes

#1: FAT Bottom: We want a PHAT bottom, not a fat bottom!


Problem: Too much body fat, untoned muscle. This person looks like the are completely sedentary and out of shape.

Solution: Decrease caloric intake and start a fitness routine with cardio to burn fat and weight training to tone muscle. I would also suggest a low-calorie protein supplement, like DesignerWhey, to help her increase protein while on her diet. The Total Lean Live Lean and Fit Pack would be a great multi-vitamin pack, which helps boost energy and promote weight loss, would be another great supplement for her to reach her goals. Since she has a lot to lose, she should shed fat pretty quickly if she sticks to a standard 1,200 calorie diet a day. My goal would be for her to lose 2-3lbs a week. I’d guess she has about 30lbs to lose, so it will take approximately 10-12 weeks for her to experience a total make-over.

#2: NO Bottom: Skinny is not always pretty.


Problem: No muscle or body fat. This person probably doesn’t eat a lot, or get enough protein – which happens as people age. People who are not active can lose up to 3% to 5% of their muscle mass per decade after age 30. I also see this type of muscle deterioration in long-distance runners who burn more than they consume, don’t eat enough protein to maintain muscle mass, or don’t do any resistance training to encourage muscle development.

Solution: Increase caloric intake rich in protein and healthy fats and start a muscle building weight training program. I might even recommend a weight gainer or muscle builder like GNC’s ReGrow to help her increase her calories and protein. Even seniors can gain muscle and totally reshape the body, so it’s never too late. If they are runners, I’d encourage them to cut back in their cardio, even if just a little, and add weight training to their running program.

#3: BIG Bottom: Got muscle AND fat.

Serena Williams

Problem: Has good muscle mass, but just needs to lose body fat.

Solution: I’d have her decrease calories and increase her cardio while maintaining a weight training routine. You can tell she has good muscle under her body fat (see her line in her shoulders). Because she already has good muscle, she will look super fit super fast once we get her to shed that fat. Her skin will smooth out and her muscle will be come more and more defined as she loses weight.

#4: PEAR Bottom: Flat on top, full on bottom.

man thong

Problem: Besides the stretch marks, bumps and the creepy fact this is a man wearing a thong in public, this guy has decent muscle mass. What is missing to me is he is lacking the top shelf of the bottom that makes the butt more round and perky looking. He also has love handles and no definition in his lower back, so that tells me his diet is crappy or he is really just overall deconditioned.

Solution: If he isn’t doing squats, I’d make sure he adds that to his lower body workout routine. And, I’d recommend adding one-leg exercises like lunges, skaters, one-leg romanian deadlifts, one-leg leg press, or curtsies to work the gluteus medius (which is the top gluteal muscle that will change his pear bottom into an apple bottom). I’d also make sure he hits hamstrings hard. He looks like he may be quad dominant – meaning he might be neglecting his hamstrings and glutes, but doing enough activity to develop (or maintain) his thigh muscles. Lastly, I’d have him hit cardio to shed his love handles. He’ll be quick to respond because he doesn’t have a lot to lose and these small changes will show pretty quickly.

#5: SAGGY Bottom: Deflated and saggy bottom.

tara reid butt

Problem: This girl has loose saggy skin, which happens when you lose a lot of weight fast (because you can easily lose muscle too), or if you are just really deconditioned and don’t really do any resistance training.

Solution: Since she doesn’t have a lot of body fat, I would concentrate on a weight program to add muscle mass and tone her up. More muscle will not only give her great curves, but it will fill out the deflated bottom and she’ll lose that sagging line she has under her butt cheeks. She’ll also need to increase her protein, so I’d definitely have her doing protein supplements, like DesignerWhey for her protein shake or  Total Lean 25, which is a meal replacement. After 90 days of weight training and eating clean, she’ll be absolutely amazed how much smoother her skin will look, not to mention her overall body shape. Since she is pretty lean already, she will see improvements very quickly.

Visit NYPost for Celebrity’s Worst Butts and see if you can “name that butt”. 😉

Killer Glute Workout

Here was yesterday’s glute workout if you missed it!

The Glute Killer

CLICK HERE to get the whole written workout. Here is the video to learn all the exercises, see pace, form and get tips to help you make the most of the workout!

The Glute Killer Butt Workout

thongsYou can never have too many butt workouts. Seriously, who doesn’t want a great toosh?! Plus, it’s bikini season, so it’s time to get that butt bikini ready! And men, don’t you think for one second you don’t need this workout. Just because you don’t wear a string bikini (I hope) doesn’t mean you need to neglect your backside! Flat flabby butts are never attractive – no matter who you are!

Try this new workout Steve wrote this workout for DualFit. Many of these exercises are the same exercises he uses to train his bikini and figure competitors to sculpt their perky bottoms.

bikini bottoms

Pictured above: Team Max Bikini Competitors Melissa Wolfe, Kathleen Morgan, Angel Howell, Cristina McDaniel, Nicole Toore, Leslie Hendricks & Ursula Kepferer.

The Glute Killer Workout

Couplet #1

Start on one leg and repeat the couplet on the other leg. No rest between the 2 exercises.
12 Weighted Step Back Lunge
12 Lunge Kick
(repeat on the other leg)

Couplet #2 

Start on one leg and repeat the couplet on the other leg. No rest between the 2 exercises.
12 Weighted Curtsy
12 Stomp
(repeat on the other leg)

Couplet #3

12 Sumo Squat
12 Skater

Repeat Entire Workout 3 Times

Visit for more fitness tips and workouts!

Blast the Backside: Glute & Ham Workout

Blast the Backside WorkoutAnother Great Glute & Ham Workout this week! Here’s what I did. REMEMBER, I’m hitting glutes twice a week. My other Leg day is quads and glutes. 🙂

4 Sets of 18-20 Each:

Finish this workout with doing the stairs, step mill, treadmill on a steep incline or the elliptical on a high resistance setting.


LEG CURLS: Change things up and do single leg curls to hit your legs a little differently. Or, boost your training by doing a few sets of negatives using too heavy of weight to do alone. Have your partner help you push the weight to the fully contracted position. Then you control the weight back down on your own for a great negative exercise.

STOMPS: I always do one exercise (like lunges or stomps) to fire up the quads too, so expect them to be blazing hot! The key to stomps is making sure the heel of the moving foot comes all the way down and touches the ground – not just the toe touching. Then sit on it – meaning, your bottom should drop down low with each step in.

CURTSIES: Be sure to not put ANY weight on the back foot. Use it only for balance. Also, with each bend, you should come ALL the way back up to a stand. It’s the upward motion that works the glutes. So, all the way down, and all the way up. Add a dumbbell in the dropped hand for more resistance.

Have a great workout!!


FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Reebutt Workout: It’s Time to Rock Your Winter Jeans

Can I have my young bottom back please?

If only you could Reebutt. You know, get the butt you had when you were 10. When I see young little girls at the beach, I marvel at how nice their little bottoms are – but think about their lifestyle. They can sit squatted down playing in the sand for hours. No wonder those little things are perky!

Let’s be honest. Most women aren’t hanging out, wearing bikinis and skintight workout shorts like you see in many of the fitness motivational pictures or magazines. Most of us just want to look good in clothes, much less half naked.

Cold weather is coming, or is already here for some of you northerners. For us beach-town folks, we finally get to cover up a little – and it doesn’t matter how much you pay for your jeans if your butt is flat as a pancake or big as a house.

Don’t get me wrong, being in a bathing suit definitely makes me want to work on my derriere, but it doesn’t stop there. Good glutes can also change your appearance in clothes too. Specifically training the legs and glutes can get your booty ready – and I love me some Miss Me Jeans! Unfortunately, even a nice pair of jeans with enough bling on the pockets to blind someone, can’t hide our imperfections, no matter how flashy they are. So, don’t let the extra layer of clothing fool you into thinking it’s okay to get lazy. Keep working!

Benefits of a good glute routine: 

1. Lifts your butt
2. Turns pear shape bottoms to apple bottoms
3. Reduces the appearance of cellulite
4. Smoothes skin (wrinkles) and improves texture
5. Improves strength
6. Gives you a youthful appearance (at least from the rear! ha!)
7. Fills out deflated bottoms that otherwise sag, shake, rattle and roll.

The Reebutt Workout

Yes, his workout is a tribute to Reebok – because they are totally kicking people’s BUTTS these days – and people are loving it!

Try this super simple, but SUPER EFFECTIVE (ouchie) workout. Be ready to feel fire in your pants!!

This workout is HOT! (the burning muscle kind that is).

Follow Along with me!

Written Workout:

Go from one exercise straight to the next without rest for the best results. If it starts to burn (like a UTI, as Steve says), then shake it out and get right back at it. The reason this workout is so effective is because we’ll stay on one leg the whole time, and then swap legs and focus on the other leg.

20 Squats
20 Right Lunges
20 Right Stomps
20 Right Leg Cook Hip Lifts

20 Squats
20 Left Lunges
20 Left Stomps
20 Left Leg Cook Hip Lifts

REPEAT 2 TIMES (4 total)

Don’t be lazy this winter! #GetAfterIt – or I’ll have to get after you!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

WORK YOUR BUTT OFF: Hammy Over Miami Workout

When you’re over 40, your poor lower body requires quite a beating. Between the spankings I got as a kid and the countless times this clumsy girl has fallen flat on her rump, I’d say this butt is no stranger to a beating though, so it should be able to handle it! 🙂

Truth is though, 41 years has done a number on my toosh. My skin isn’t as tight as it used to be and it is difficult to shape and reshape that area for me. BUT (pun intended) it’s not impossible.


Why Women Must Weight Train
Here is a photo of a woman who got butt implants. To me, this is a PERFECT example of what building muscle with a workout (like the one below) can do. It plumps up muscle tissue and gives the bottom shape. The new muscle smooths out the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It even gives the skin a more youthful appearance. And although I’ll never walk around in a thong, a nice bottom and shapely legs improves your overall shape – plus it makes you feel healthy, fit and strong. You can have expensive surgery OR you can workout and get it for practically FREE!

Getting My Butt (and Mind) In Gear
It’s always easy to get discouraged but when you think of the alternative it’s easy to get ENCOURAGED. The fact is, if I don’t do anything I’ll look and feel much worse. If I don’t ever try, I’ll never know what I CAN do. If I don’t keep it up, I’ll never know what it would have been like to stick with it. No matter which way I look at it, NOT trying is simply not an option.

Workouts must be tough and regular. My diet must be tough and regular. I must throw motivation out the window and replace it with determination and discipline. Once that kicks in, and begin seeing results, I’ll pick up a new bit of motivation along the way.

I may not have a perfect body (and likely never will) but I can sure as heck do what I can to make the best with what I have – and so can you!

Hammy Over Miami Lower Body Workout by Steve Pfiester

Click on the links below to view instructional video at FitStudio by Sears. Complete the workout below with little to NO rest between exercises in each circuit. When working the GLUTES in the 2nd circuit, try to remain on one leg through each round for the best results (with little weight on the “resting” leg). 


20 Overhead Walking Lunge
30 3-Position Squat
#1 10 Plea Squat (Wide stance)
#2 10 Regular Squat (feet shoulder width apart)
  #3 10 Sissy Squat (Feet close together)
15 Prone Hamstring Curl (Prone = laying face down)
15 Straight Leg Dead Lift (barbell or dumbbells)

(Complete 3 rounds/sets)

GLUTES (3 rounds/ 25 repetitions)

Perform Round 1 all on left food, then do right, and move to round 2, etc.
25 Repeater Knees (lunge position, repeatedly bringing back knee up)
25 Squat Abduction (Squat with alternating outer thigh lift)
25 Romanian Dead Lift (also called One-Leg Dead Lift)
25 Step Ups (use bench or plyo box)
25 Lunge Kicks

(3 rounds on each side, 6 rounds total)

Like what you see? Try our 4-Week BCx Boot Camp program at FitStudio!

Is Your Behind BEHIND?

If you were keeping score on how often you did arms, chest, back, quads, hamstrings and glutes, what would be behind? 

Have you ever thought about how we divide our body parts up? Many of us do chest one day, shoulders on another, etc – yet we hit our legs all on one day. That little jewel hit me this year, so I decided to make some changes.

If you’ve seen my legs, you know they don’t look like this girl in the pic. They look more like legs on a giraffe – knobby knees included. I can’t change the way God made me but, by-golly, I can at least make them more fit looking! So, I started incorporating walking lunges in my morning run every other run and started dividing my legs up more.

Butt Why? – Pun Intended
The more I thought of it, the more I realized my glutes and hamstrings didn’t get the intensity the rest of my body did. My behind was behind! What do I mean? After leg press, squats, and leg extensions, I was always worn out by the time I got to the back of my legs on leg day. So, in order to make sure I gave my backside just as much attention as I gave the rest of my body, in addition to my interval lunges & runs, I started adding in a hamstring and butt day once a week.

One day a week, I hit heavy quads and light hamstrings and another day (later in the week) I hit light quads and heavy hamstrings and glutes. Here’s an example of one of my glute & hams workouts with the weights I used on my last workout:

3 -4 Sets of the Following:
18 Seated or Prone Hamstring Curl (80-90lbs)
18 Straight Leg Dead Lifts (30lbs dumbbells)
20 GHD Glute/Ham Developer (25lb plate)
18 Standing Hamstring Curl (40lbs on Hammerstrength)
30 Steps Walking Lunges (15lb dumbbells)

1 Set Each, Repeating Circuit 3 Times with No Rest
20 Stomps Left
20 Curtsies Left
20 Stomps Right
20 Curtsies Right

Don’t let your backside backslide! Give it the attention it deserves!
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Curtsy Your Butt Up


I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t want to learn a new exercise to firm her bottom. Women are constantly in search for that perfect exercise that will help their butt get bikini-ready. That’s why women’s magazines are riddled with topics and exercises surrounding the backside. Although squats and lunges are two of the most powerful glute exercises hands down, there is one little danty exercise that packs some serious punch – it’s called a Curtsy.

Who knew performing this old fashioned polite gesture would tone your derriere! I’m sure Shirley Temple never even had her glutes in mind when she curtsied on stage for all her fans – however, I bet her gluteus maximus was minimus – and firm!!

Although Curtsies won’t get rid of the body fat surrounding your glutes (sorry girls, that required diet and cardio), it sure as heck will tighten and tone the glutes, and improve the overall shape.

A Curtsy works the deep within the butt, working both the gluteus maximus (the primary butt muscle) and gluteus medius (the top portion of the butt shown in this diagram in red), as well as the low back. If you suffer from “pancake butt” or you have a tear-drop butt, and are missing that perky curve, this is the muscle you want to work. It won’t take many repetitions before you will begin to feel it – and you will be feeling it the next day…and likely the next day after that too if done correctly!

If you want a fit booty, like this girl in pink, then watch the video, below, of Steve performing the curtsy glute exericse. As you can see, he is bending from the waist (not rolling the back). This forward bending action at the hip is what engages the glutes. Your upright motion, of erecting your body back to the standing position, is where you get most of the goody out of this exercises, so be sure to stand all the way back up on each repetition.

I like to finish my leg workout with this exercise. I do 20 repetitions on each side for 3 to 4 sets. Want to take it up a notch? Add a small dumbbell to the hand that touches the toe. Enjoy the burn – and the reward!

 Click anywhere on the video to view. Click Like & Share on the video to spread the firm glute love!

SUPER BUNS 2012: Get your NFL Fit Fanny

Body Parts that Count: Part 2 – Glutes & Hams

In this 3-part blog series I address the most important body part to train for a woman. Part 1 was all about the shoulders and why women need train them. Today, I’m giving you Part 2 – and we’re talking about the glutes and hamstrings. Besides, what better time to talk about the fanny than Super Bowl day! Everyone knows football players have great bottoms – and I personally think we could learn a few things from them.

I’m not really one to look at some random guys’ butt as they walk by – BUT (pun unintentional but totally keeping it) I do remember being intrigued with those tight little bottoms in the infamous stretchy pants, only football players can pull off and still look tough in, when I was in high school.

One reason I was probably intrigued was it was the only time I actually saw the outline of someone’s bottom in such detail. The other reason I probably was captivated by their derrieres was because all the players bottoms were all so tight and fit looking.

Train Like a Football Player:
“Strong enough for a woman, made for a man?”

So why can’t women train like a football player? Of course they can! What do you think makes football player’s butt so tight, compact and perky? It’s their training. There’s no reason a girl can have a bottom just as tight, compact and perky too!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a BIG difference between training like a football player and eating like one, but how their fanny looks is primarily due to their training. As long as you don’ bulk up your calories, you’ll get all the positive benefits of the training without looking like a linebacker.

12 Super Buns Exercises 

They squat. They basically start each play in a squat, the 3-point stance – just like these girls are doing here. The need to get low is important, but that’s not all. There’s all the blocking and pushing. That power requires strong legs – as they basically push their bodies into their opponent, and leg press them out of the way. That’s why weight training is an absolute must.

1. Barbell Squat
2. Leg Press
3. Barbell Deadlift

They plyo. Since the players have to explode out of their starting stance as soon as the play begins, their glutes, quads and hamstrings need to be powerful and quick. Plyometrics is a key training component in order for these guys to dodge their opponent, leap over a downed opponent, jump to catch a ball, and powerfully pop up quickly after being hit.

4. Crisscross Squat
5. Ski Jump
7. Mary Catherines
8. Burpee
9. Plyo Squat Jump
10. Squat Thrust
11. Heismans

They sprint. You probably don’t want to look like a linebacker, but the guys you see running the field – they have got it going on! They didn’t get that position for being fat and bulky – they got it because they are quick and agile. Sprinting and agility drills are a must for these guys – and it pays off both on the field and in a pair of jeans!

12. Sprints

They cross train. It’s not enough to be fast, and it’s not enough to be strong. Football players need to be fast and strong. You won’t see football players solely concentrating on their bench press in the gym. No way! They’re doing a little bit of everything – they’re lifting weights, running, doing agility drills, conditioning exercises – and they putting it all to the test on the field. To truly be fit, you can’t isolate one type of workout or one body part. That’s why I like functional training with an emphasis on a body part.

For instance, you can blast your glutes and legs – but why not get your heart rate up to and work your entire body at the same time? Here are 5 functional workouts that will build strength and stamina while training your legs and glutes too:

1. Dead Legs

2. T.L.J. (thrust/lunge/jump)

3. The Crap Sandwich

4. SSS – Skater/squat/shuffle

5. The Bomb

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