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Quitting Is Not An Option


As soon as you decide your workouts are an option, you open the door for anything to get in the way. Treat your workouts like the most valuable appointment you have all day – and keep it. Your health deserves top priority.

Motivation Monday Show: Start your work week off right!

Get your Monday Motivation Today!
If you took off from eating healthy and working out yesterday, and you didn’t tune in to Motivation Monday on the Sideline Radio show yesterday, you can tune in today via Ustream.

This Week’s Topics:

  • 5 Labor Day diet & fit tips
  • Amateur fight update on local athletes, Dan Kedem & Travis Bass
  • How to watch calories on your kids’ game days
  • Volleyball starts – How to train like a volleyball star
  • Motivational mantra for the week

Remember, the 1st 15 minutes is local and national sports news and the rest of the hour is all fitness and motivation! Enjoy! CLICK HERE (or the video pic below) to start.



Have a topic? We want to know what you’d like to hear. Shoot your ideas in the comments below – and please include your name and where you are from so we can mention it in our show.

Monday Motivation: Tips to Making Fitness FUN!

Monday is the biggest day in the fitness business. It’s the day we start our diet and workout program after we completely blew it over the weekend. It’s a new day to claim a new attitude – and motivation is priority one. That is why The SideLine Radio Show has dedicated each Monday to fitness motivation, bringing you Motivation Mondays with yours truly.

Today’s Show: Today is the first of many motivating Mondays to come. Each show will start with 15 minutes of sports news & chat, and then it’s ON! – Nothing but diet and fitness tips, tricks, trends & motivation!!

Today’s Topic: The “Tips to Making Fitness Fun”

Football Season Kicks Off: As football practice season kicks off for many of our youth around town, our adults need to kick off leading by example – and not just telling our kids what to do and how to eat. So, I’ve decided Derek & Jason need to lead the leadership pack, and start getting their fitness on. In today’s show, we’ll be talking about how Steve plans to kick their sports fan tails! Listen to the Ustream below to find out how YOU’LL be able to join them!

CLICK ON VIDEO to play. Direct link: 

Tips to Fighting Procrastination & Lazies, my own personal battle


Yesterday I was hard at work on our local BCx Boot Camp schedule, which started about 6:30am. I had every intension of doing my morning run – even to the point I put on my running clothes, only to sit right back down and get back on my computer, check email, work on more BCx stuff, tweet and drink coffee.

As the morning got brighter, of course it got hotter. Then I decided that I’d do BCx in the cool indoors. That was a passing thought after I decided to check my email again and saw my inbox was flooded with BCx questions and had more work to do. Suddenly (funny how time can fly) I look at the clock and it’s 12:30pm! Geeesh!  By this time I decided I need to clear my head and just have some “me time” so I decided to hit the beach for a few hours. It was beautiful and breezy – a perfect day!

So, when I got back home Steve had just walked through the door from his Live Exercise shows in Boca Raton. He asked me if I had a good day and I honestly couldn’t say yes. WHY? I went to the BEACH?! You would have thought that would have turned any bad day into a good one. Well here’s why. I was disappointed in myself for not working out and I felt sloppy, fat and lazy!

It was now 5:00pm – and anyone who has gone to the beach knows how tired and lazy you are after soaking up the relaxing rays. I was completely lazy at this point. I had NO energy or drive to train. Then Steve says he’s going to the gym to do arms. Geeeesh! He just did 3 killer workout shows, drove 1 1/2 hours home and is hitting the gym. (He’s truly a fitness freak if I ever saw one). I said “have a good workout” and kissed him goodbye (thinking, I am not even interested in going to the gym right now. Good luck with that). ha!

MY TALK WITH MYSELF (Yes, I do that, don’t send me to the funny farm just yet!)
All of 5 minutes passed and then I had a talk with myself. Bonnie” I said, “You KNOW you need to workout today. You KNOW you’ll feel better if you do it and you KNOW you need it. You KNOW your body will feel firmer and you’ll feel more confident in your bikini tomorrow. You KNOW you are shooting a video in 5 days and NEED to actually look like a fitness professional. You KNOW you’ll be happy you did it…” and then I replied, “ALRIGHT ALREADY! I HEAR YOU AND YOU ARE RIGHT DAGUMMIT!”

SO, I put on my music, cranked up the volume as I started pulling up my torture, I mean program, of choice. I needed to do lower body so I chose my Baby Got Back workout. Honestly, 20 jumping jacks in I started to wake up. My body was cracking and popping – fighting me every step of the way, but my mind was digging it. Before you know it, one “mission” was down and I was feeling better.

By my second mission (that’s what us BCx peeps call our intense circuits), I was revved and felt like I could do this thing and fight my desire to totally be lazy. 120 squats later – feeling tight, firm, pumped! 25 Burpees, oh yeah! Felt good! Then off to do the butt work. 25 more burpees then Bridges – oh my! My hamstrings were LOVING these exercises. Then I hit what I call a “content phase”. This is when I talk myself into thinking, “I’ve done good enough, I don’t have to finish it. That was more than I planned on doing” – and I ALMOST gave in!!

Then I had a little talk with myself again, “You know you won’t feel as good if you quit early. You know you’ll feel guilty and won’t have that sense of accomplishment. It’s only one more set and a few more burpees. Really Bonnie? You hate Geronimos that much? Come on you wimp! You are so better than that! Come on – just  a little more and you’ll feel like a ROCKSTAR!” I replied “Ok, Ok! I’ll do it, I know (again) you are right. I am a BUFFOON! I’ll do it!

I share this with you because this stuff happens to the best of us and the ONLY way to combat it is to stop and weigh the facts. The FACT is I knew in my heart I needed the workout, I knew I would feel so much better and I knew I just needed to do it whether I felt like it or not. So once I weighed my options I also knew I would be a complete tard if I didn’t do it. Honestly, at this point – I would have been rebellious, lazy and disobedient to myself.


God tells us to take care of ourselves, not to be lazy and not lose hope. He also reminds us to keep important things close – especially His Word and His Promises. If I had been to busy to actually “think about working out” I probably wouldn’t have. So, instead of solely relying on me to talk myself into working out, I really should have those truths and my goals IN MY FACE to remind me of my goals and keep me on track all the time.

Tony Robbins and Zig Zigglar got nuthin’ on God when it comes to being a Life Coach. Here’s a tip straight from scripture: It’s about a man named Habakkuk, who had a vision. God tells him to right it down clearly on tablets so he, and everyone else, could see it (Habakkuk 2:2-3). I believe He did this for a couple reasons. ONE, he wanted Habakkuk to keep that vision close to him so he didn’t lose sight of it and TWO, he wanted others to see it so they could support it. Sometimes we try to attempt stuff alone – like setting closet goals. I believe we are most successful when we “write our vision down on tablets” for all to see. WE need to see it daily, and so do others. Our families can be more supportive – PLUS you never know who will jump on board with you and also adopt your vision for their vision too.

He even says, “It may seem like a long time, but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come.” God knows we all need encouragement and no matter what our vision is. If it’s weight loss, a personal battle, success, or something God’s working out in your life – God knows we need a reminder to stay focused and know, if we are obedient, it will come.

God knows how hard it is to keep our vision close to us. And you thought some Life Coach was the first to tell people to write stuff down. ha! God knows we get easily side-tracked (He created us – duh! I think He knows us best! ha!), we get lazy and we often just plain out get lost. Whatever your vision is, it’s NOT going to be something you “want” to chase every day. You will have to force yourselves to be obedient to moving forward. Just remember, to keep your vision close and clear, and continue striving for it daily whether you feel like it or not.

If you feel like you are losing your vision, getting lazy or need a boost, try getting refocused. Draw your goals close, post them for all to see, and remember to be patient because it will surely come!


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Dieters Fight the Weekends, 6 Tips to WIN

OK, so you’ve done great all week and now you face the scariest thing since SAW – The weekend!! Do you hear the horror music in the background? OMG! For real, right?! What is UP with the weekends for dieters?!!!

Looking at this pic I found of the movie makes me think that is what we need to have on our head on the weekends so we STOP EATING!! How out of control we can be is really so lame. I’m speaking to myself! I know what I’ve done on weekends and it’s pathetic, but NO MORE!! I’m totally raking control. I’m the BOSS of ME and I’m going to ROCK this weekend!! Some people already are talking about blowing it before the weekend even came. It’s like waving the white flag before you even see your enemy. Come on people. Let’s be fighters!!


Peer Pressure
As if we don’t have the power to say NO. What are we? 6th graders, not able to overcome peer pressure? Really! Joyce Meyer once said “So you really are going to let a cookie have power over you?” What a joke! WE are the one’s in power!! You can waive that martini in my face all day long and my answer will remain NO! Thank you very much!

Ask yourself this: Do you want to look ridiculously fit or are you OK with food and junk making you look average. The reality is the average American ain’t looking that good! Obesity is out of control and it’s because Americans are out of control – literally! They have NO CONTROL over their body!

So you like your wine, you like snacks, etc – SO DO I! But come on! I don’t go to the mall and spend thousands of dollars a ton of stuff I can’t afford because I “like” it. I get what I can afford and I WALK AWAY from the rest! It’s called discipline and there is no flippin’ reason we can’t practice the same discipline with the way we eat and live on the weekends.

Why the weekends?
Because that’s when I see everyone fowl up their diets. People rock it in the gym and in the kitchen all week only to blow it at a party or going out to eat. It’s like one step forward, two steps back. Then they act surprised when they aren’t getting results.

SURE, you are working out 5 days a week and dieting 6 days a week. SO what! None of that matters if you blow it on the 7th day overeating and partying with friends. Exercise just can’t compete with diet so if you want results you MUST value calories for what they are and understand how they work.

I don’t care how healthy you eat, I don’t care what organic foods you eat and how many vitamins you take. You may be “healthy” but if you are wanting to lose weight, you need to count your calories like you count your pennies! You don’t burn just fats or just carbs, etc – you burn calories. PERIOD! So, why count everything else?

I love it when people give me a long list of what they ate for the day. “I ate oatmeal and egg whites on toast for breakfast, then I had fish and a salad – oh, and for dinner, that was my best meal. I had blah, blah, blah.” That tells me NOTHING when it comes to weight loss. It tells me you eat healthy, but I can’t tell you if you should expect to lose weight or not – that comes down to calories in vs calories out.

But I Have to Eat Out (LAME EXCUSE!)
Well, so does my friend, and fitness social media goddess, Kelly Olexa of FitFluential. The girl travels more than I shower (and that’s a lot!) – and she’s able to eat on the go and eat smart. Sure she tries to eat healthy as she can, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t go to McDonalds. She just looks up the nutritional information, selects foods that fit her budget and she stays on target.

Many fitness peeps would FREAK out at the word McDonalds, but Kelly and I share a common belief system and that’s called “REALITY” and not everyone lives there. SURE, organic is awesome, whole foods are best, etc – but I’m all about facing reality and doing our best, whatever that means. If all you can do is Lean Cuisines – go for it. I’m sure it’s better than a Big Mac and fries and eventually you’ll get to where you improve your health after you learn to master calories. Baby steps people. 🙂

Are you ready to take control!
Steve calls it Majoring in the Minors. Focus on the major stuff first – calories in vs calories out. If you have no idea how many calories you are getting, count them for a couple of days. Boy, will you have a rude awakening! It’s like balancing your checkbook, and that can be pretty depressing! But you NEED to know the facts right? I mean, you don’t want to live life clueless do you?

Most diets for women allow women to have 1200-1500 calories per day and 1500-1800 for men. If you want to lose a couple of pounds a week, that’s a safe bet to follow. But if you are just guessing your way through eating, go ahead and just plan to fail because people rarely guess right enough to see fast enough results to stick with it.

OK, off my rant on calories and back to the weekend. Here are some tips and motivation for you to FIGHT the weekend weight gain!! Be a FIGHTER!!

1.) Next time you are faced with a good or drink you love, ask yourself this: How bad do you want to be fit? 

2.) For every 100 calories you eat, are you willing to run 1 mile to run it off? If not, then bye-bye food!

3.) Try not to eat more than 300 calories at one time for a meal and 150 calories for a snack.

4.) GRAZE! Eat small bites 5-6 times a day. You’ll be less likely to be HUNGRY and mess up – and you keep your metabolism revved!

5.) Eat PRIOR to going out. If you are invited to a party or dinner where you know you’ll be tempted, eat something prior to the event so you don’t arrive hungry. 

6.) Make room for the extra calories. OK, so you know you are going to go over your limit – burn a few extra calories that day to make room. If you burn 500 calories in an extra kickboxing class, then you have 500 extra calories you are allowed for that day! 


Boot Camp: Fear, Tears, & Victory

If you have ever thought of doing a boot camp program where you live, this is a great inside look into a “newbie’s” experience. Common fears, thoughts, feelings (both mental and physical) and the victories discovered along the way. I recently got an email from one of out new boot campers and it touched us so much, we had to share. I hope it encourages you to try something new and go outside your own comfort zone so you too can have a story to share.

Dear Bonnie, Steve & Paula:

“Boot camp is over and I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and feelings about that – mostly gratitude. I have no doubt that you’ve each received hundreds of ‘thank you’ notes from those whose lives you touched and … here’s another one!

Thank You! What an amazing ride this has been! You are each extraordinary & amazing leaders! You put the breath back in my body! You got my heart pumping again and I feel alive! Now don’t get me wrong … I give myself full credit for finding you and falling at your feet but you helped me find the strength to stand and run! Astonishing!

I have to share a few highlights from my journey:
I’ve lived in the area for about 2 years and everyone I’ve met so far either doesn’t exercise or they have a home gym of some sort so I was lucky to find you on the internet. As with most people’s stories I reached that point when I had to make a change in my life – fast. For me that day was April 9, 2011. Time was on my side because a new boot camp was scheduled to start on April 18th.

MapQuest directed me to your door and I marched in and slapped my deposit check on the counter and then quickly marched right back out before I talked myself out of it. I held my breath until the 18th.

Day 1, Orientation:
I opened your front door and it was standing room only. It seemed that everyone knew at least one other person and the whole place was loud with chatter. I suddenly felt like I was the only one who had no clue about what they were supposed to do. (I’m 5 feet tall so it’s pretty easy to get lost in a crowd.) I’ll never forget what happened next … through the sea of rear-ends and elbows this gorgeous face appeared with a smile that lit up the shadow I was standing in. Bonnie, you greeted me like a VIP!

I seriously thought there was a case of mistaken identity for a second and then I realized you really are just that cool. 

The way you spotted me in the pack and talked directly to me. You didn’t keep looking all around the room – you looked right at me until you were sure I understood what the agenda was. And then you gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder. I felt like your personal guest and I knew I was in the right place. Thank you Bonnie!

We all crammed into the boot camp room and I met Steve and Paula for the first time. Steve immediately began shouting commands … line up, arms out … hold them up! The room was really crowded and somehow I got pushed right up to the front row – so close to Steve his breath moved my hair when he bellowed. There is actually a picture of this intense moment on the boot camp bulletin board (I’m the first one in the ‘Live United’ t-shirt & glasses). Still holding our arms up and keeping them up I felt my eyes puddle.

Yep, I shed my first tear within the very first 3 minutes of boot camp. Why? Because that was the moment I really realized the terrible shape I was in and that this was going to hurt. How did I let myself get like this?!

Day 3
Steve makes me laugh so hard my ‘sip of water’ came out of my nose! Just when I was beginning to take myself too seriously and get far too focused on the struggle – Steve cracked jokes – hilarious! It was the perfect diversion. Thank you Steve! (pictured right wearing a wig in another boot camp class)

Day 4
Paula makes me cry. Those f-ing burpees! (Please pardon my implied profanity. Sometimes there is just no better word.) This was a real breakthrough for me. I was coming in waaay last on everything and getting really frustrated. This particular time everyone was finished, taking a breather and drinking some water but I still had 10 more burpees to do – now with a full audience.

I thought my sweat hid my tears but Paula was dialed in. She stood right by me and said, “I want everyone to cry! That tells me you care! That tells me you really want this!”

Then she intuitively knew exactly how to motivate me … she announced, “These burpees are kicking her butt – but look at her form! These are perfect burpees! Good job Lis!” Suddenly I was no longer ashamed of coming in last – I was showing off! And the way she said my name – no ‘a’ just like family – really made me hear her. Thank you Paula!

Day 6, Saturday Yoga with Steve:
I’ve never watched a man get into a yoga pose and demonstrate tremendous flexibility, balance and strength while articulately explaining the how and why of the posture and throw in off-the-wall humor at the same time.

So instead of coming off like some ego maniac demonstrating an impossible act, he made a very difficult posture seem like any goof ball could try it.

And I did. And I was amazed by what I could do. Steve walked around the room helping us make corrections or adjustments and as he passed by me he put one finger on my shoulder and said, “nice job”. It was the last day of the first week and I had no strength left but that atta-girl made me want to work twice as hard. Thank you Steve!

I could barely walk that first week. I wore a baseball cap to work everyday because I could not lift the hairdryer.

I went home early from work twice and just called in sick all together that first Friday. It was the most physically challenging, painful, wonderful and rewarding week of my life! I’ve never hurt so much but been so proud of myself at the same time! I just completed week 4 but it didn’t seem like anything compared to week 1. (You told me so!)

Paula has this amazing ability to make time fly … like when we’re making a chair on the wall or holding plank … legs on fire, can’t breathe, she’ll start dancing around the room and make crazy faces at everyone which always made me laugh which forced me to breathe. Or she does lines from movies and we have to guess who it is. Or music trivia – rock & roll of course! Next thing you know 1 minute has passed or even 2!

Paula you pushed me further than I ever dreamed I could go. You showed me where I needed to improve or pick up the pace and you ALWAYS pointed out when I was good at something. You motivated each of us uniquely – like a tailored fit. By the 2nd week I realized that everyday I just wanted to make YOU proud and I ended up proud of me. Thank you Paula! I just wish you had been my algebra teacher in high school. I might have figured that stuff out too.

I also need to thank Andy at the front for always being so helpful and hospitable. He is a wonderful compliment to the work you do there – really special. Most of us could be his mother but he didn’t discriminate. Many times our squad would be running a warm up lap in the front parking lot at 5:30 AM and he’d smile and cheer us on while wiping down the front door windows. He helped me with my In-Body twice and both times he was very knowledgeable and supportive. He remembered my name on my 3rd day. 

I’ll never forget dragging in at 5:15 AM and there he was with a big smile on his face, “Good Morning Lisa.” He remembered all our names! Nice touch.

Steve and Paula – you are very different people but both of you found those critical one on one moments that helped drive me and inspire me and when it was all said and done neither of you wanted the ‘thanks’.

Both of you exuded such humility those last days and just kept pushing it back on us, “no thank YOU”, “this is what I love to do”, “You did the work”, “you’re why I get up so early”, “look at the progress you made”, “thank yourself”.

Truth be told – none of us could have made it without either of you. Thank YOU! I’m sure I speak for many people when I say – when my weight is up, my energy is low and my self esteem tanks. All of these things that each of you do everyday from that first hello – renewed my spirit. I feel like myself again. I still have a long way to go but I’m on the right track. How do you say thank you for that?!”


Lisa Evans

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