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Fitness Motivation: Fear to Greatness

People aren’t just born awesome, they decide to TRY to be awesome – and with practice, they become more awesome every day. Fear is the #1 roadblock to greatness. They don’t let fear stop them from dreaming, trying or quitting. They recognize there is a risk on the quest for greatness. Your “greatness” maybe being a great mom, the healthiest you, a successful career person, a person who dedicates their life to making a difference. I’m not talking about money or power, I’m talking about being the best you can be. The healthiest you, the strongest you, the best you.

Conquering Fear

Sure you may fail. You may feel embarrassed. You may not get the results you want fast enough. You may not be the greatest on the planet, but I guarantee you, if you TRY you will be better than you ever could be without trying. What you should really fear is never trying to find out what you could do and who you could be if you don’t let fear get in the way.

Stretch Yourself

Is what you are doing right now stretching you? Are you a little uncomfortable? Are you are little scared? Are you pushing your body. Are you challenging yourself with good habits and discipline? Are you depriving yourself of the temporary to be better longterm? If you aren’t doing these things, you will never see your very best. You will never become the best you possible.

Get ready to be motivated and be ready to take your life to the next level – more commitment, more confidence, more determination, more dedication, more perseverance. You. Can. Do. This!

No Pain, No Gain?

no Pain, no GainPAIN:  noun \ˈpān\  1. Something that hurts the body. 2. Mental or emotional suffering: sadness.

We’ve all heard the saying “no pain, no gain”, but what is pain really – and do you really have to experience pain to get the gain?

Personally, I think pain depends on the person. When Steve was trainer ABC’s weight loss reality show, Fat March, some of the contestants thought they were having heart attacks when their heart rate increased. They had never experienced cardio before and it was painful to them. Many of them had lived their lives as comfortable as they could – to the point of putting a refrigerator in their bedroom so they didn’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen for a coke.  However, if you’ve ever done an intense workout, you know what it feels like to tax your body. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Is it bad for you? No. Does it feel good? Not to me! Does it feel good afterwards? Absolutely!

When this mantra was posted on Detour Bar’s facebook page, someone wrote: “if you’re working out to the point where it’s either painful or you experience post-workout exhaustion… well, you’re doing it wrong and you’re not eating right… this isn’t motivational, it’s just plain dumb.”

The Pain that Drives You

Emotional Pain

images-1First, let’s talk about emotional pain. Pain isn’t always a muscle burning, heart pounding, or a joint aching. Sometimes pain is the feeling you have when you struggle to fit in your plane seat. It can be the painful realization you are no longer fitting in your clothes. It could be the bad report you get from your doctor, as he tells you your unhealthy lifestyle is going to kill you if you don’t do something about it. Pain can be the looks people give you, or the rejection you have received. Pain could be the shortness of breath you get from just going up one flight of stairs. Pain can be loneliness, depression, heaviness or despair that is driving you to get healthy.

Just getting to the gym can be a pain, the painstaking effort it takes to just get to the gym – to pack your gym bag after a really long day and keep showing up, even though you are too tired, too stressed or too busy. It could be the embarrassment and wake-up call you get when you are the last to finish a workout, and you realize just how out of shape you are. It could be the flighting moment of doubt or defeat in yourself – when you realize “this” is not going be easy, BUT you know if you stick with it, it will be worth it. All of these definitions of pain can drive you, if you choose. Or you can latch on to them, and let them define you.

Physical Pain

no-pain-no-gainNow, let’s talk about physical pain. Does it take literal pain to get ahead? The answer is: that depends how you define pain. My workouts are painful – not the bad kind of pain, but the good kind of pain. Some people may disagree. Some people may do the exact same workout and enjoy the muscle burn. To me, I’d define that as pain. My workouts can be unCOMFORTable, but that’s because I’m pushing my body. I have spurts of breathing so hard, it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes my muscles are burning so much, they feel like they are going to burst into flames. Even my runs can be a bit painful, especially if I run after leg day. Do my workouts hurt? Yes. Are they hurting my body? No. BUT, if I worked in my comfort zone (always trying to stay comfortable), I would never get stronger, never get faster, never get better.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
Muhammad Ali 

Even if the workout is easy and relatively comfortable during the workout, sometimes you experience pain after the workout. Sore muscles, fatigue, or normal wear and tear on a 42 year old body can be uncomfortable too. Sure, I could quit and say this is for the birds, but am I really going to let a little bit of discomfort stop me? Nope! Why? Because I focus on the reward more than the work. And you know what? The more I train, the more the definition of pain changes.

Now, pain is the feeling I get when I overeat or neglect my body. Living unhealthy would be very painful to me. If I didn’t workout. I would just trade good pain for bad pains. Instead of sore muscles, I’d have sore joints and ailments due to weak and tight muscles. I’d have painful feelings, insecurities and stress due to letting my body go.

As we age, everyone will experience pain at one point or other. You decide what kind of pain you want to experience – destructive pain, or constructive pain. You can let past painful moments drive you to improve. You can let the pain you may experience during a challenging workout remind you that you are changing.

Whatever your definition of “pain” is, let it drive you, not beat you.

Are You On the Right Track?

On the Right Track

In fitness, you don’t just want to stay on track, you want to keep moving ahead! Sadly, there are a lot of people that get on track, make a little progress, and then just stop, for no apparent reason, before they ever reach their goal.

That’s like showing up for a race, running half of it and then just sitting down on the side of the road. Who does that? Well, pretty much everyone at some point in time on their fitness journey. No one in their right mind would do that in a marathon, unless they were injured. But, when it comes to working out, dieting, etc., people do it all the time.

girl-at-side-of-the-road1The difference in those last 10-20lbs of fat is just where the person stops on the course. Many times a person thinks “I did great, I lost XWZ pounds and I feel so much better” and they basically go sit down at the 20 mile mark. BUT, if they just kept on going, and wasn’t just satisfied was feeling “better”, they could do amazing and become their BEST.  Better is always good, but why stop short from experiencing your best?

Have you become comfortable where you are right now with your routine, weight or diet? Or are you ready to see this thing all the way through and finish this things like a champ?! The same work that you did to get where you are now will keep working to get you where you want to be – as long as you don’t slow down or quit. So, get back on track and get back to moving forward! #livewithfire

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Why Do You Train?

You don't have to be first

Reality Check

WinnerWhy do you train? Sometimes that is a question we have to not only ask ourselves when we start a workout program, but we have to ask ourselves that over and over again on our journey. Why? Because we get off track. We often start with a clear and specific goal in mind. It’s normally very simple. We want to be better. We want to be a better version of our old self.

Then, as we pursue that goal, we tend to get off track. We begin to compare ourselves to others. We can easily begin to see what we are not, instead of what we’ve become. Sometimes this can make us push harder. For many, it can do the opposite. We can become discouraged or overwhelmed. Sometimes we can become obsessed.

crossfit winnerI encourage you to step back. Look at why you started this. Look at how far you’ve come. Look at the big picture. You are not a better woman, mom, worker, friend, spouse or neighbor if you hold a trophy. No trophy, prize or title makes you better. Being better than someone else doesn’t make you better. Being better than the old you makes you better. That’s what makes you a success. Your greatest accomplishment is beating your own records and accomplishing new goals. THAT makes you a winner.

rundisney 2013 Disney's Princess Half Marathon WinnerThere is no greater reward than a healthier you. There is nothing better than feeling stronger than you did a few weeks ago, leaner than you’ve been in a long time, healthier than you ever thought possible.

YOU are your reward.

YOU are your prize.

How Pro Athletes Stay Motivated: Bret Lockett’s Inspiring Words

Do You Want It?

bret lockettThis week I had the pleasure to talk with former Patriots’ and current NY Jets’ safety Bret Lockett about his training program for my blog (coming this week). Since I know good an well even the pros have their “bad days” too,  I asked,  “On those days you totally don’t feel like working out, what motivates you to show up anyway?”

This was his answer: “I know there’s always someone else in the world that would love to take my position, whether it’s on the field or in life. So me not wanting to better myself as an athlete and a person won’t get me to where I want to be in life. That’s what motivates me every morning.”

Do You Want to Keep It?

Bret LockettYou don’t have to be a professional football player to learn from what he is saying here. You can replace “on the field” with anywhere you want to be or anywhere you want to go. Of course, his position on the field and in life is a very highly esteemed one – but the same applies even to the lowliest of jobs and the most normal places in life.

There is always someone who would love to have your job – even if you are just flipping burgers. There is someone who would love to have your spouse, your house, your dog, your kids, your car, your clothes, your mom, your dad or your family’s love. Even if you are overweight and out of shape, there is someone on their deathbed who would love to have your healthier body. Get the message here?

Do You Want to Lose It?

successIn Bret’s position, there are people training hard to excel and become the next Bret Lockett. What Bret realizes, and we too need to continually keep at the top of our mind, is it’s not just about working hard to GET somewhere. It’s to work equally hard to STAY there. This is especially true in fitness and weight loss. I see so many people working SO hard to lose weight and get in the shape of their lives. After they get fit and are the happiest and healthiest they’ve ever been – and then the stop.

driveWhen someone reaches their goal, they treat it like they have “arrived” at their destination and put their body in park – but a body doesn’t have “Park”. Our body has Reverse, Neutral and Drive, but no Park. When we arrive at our destination and “stop”, it’s more like putting your body in neutral – and what happens to a car in neutral when it’s parked at the top of a hill? It rolls out of control back down hill and will likely end in an ugly crash.

It takes a LOT of effort to get somewhere, but it also takes effort to stay there too. It takes effort to “maintain”. If you have worked hard to get where you are, don’t stop now. Don’t throw your prior hard work away. Don’t slow down, don’t go backwards and don’t coast off course. Because, like a car, you body is built with an engine ready to rev up and run on all cylinders. So don’t waste it. Keep MOVING!

Motivational Pic of the Day

I liked what Bret had to say, I HAD to turn it into a motivational mantra pic. If you are also inspired by his words, feel free to share!

Bret Lockett - How Bad Do You Want It?

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