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Short & Sweet (and Seriously Effective) Shoulder Workout

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can give the time you have your very best! If you want a great pump but you are short on time, here is a great shoulder workout that is short and sweet – but potent!

Trainer Notes: NO rest between paired up exercises. Click on the exercise to see video instruction.

5 Give it Your BestSuper Sets:
Shoulder Press with Lateral Raises

Shoulder Press 15lb  + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 20lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 25lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 20lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press 15lb + 10 5lb Lateral Raises

5 Super Sets
Arnold Presses with Bent-Over Rear Delt

Press 15lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise
Press 20lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise
Press 15lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise
Press 15lb + 12 8lb-10lb Rear Delt Raise

4 Sets of Upright Row 
45lb Bar x 12
(Add weight each set)

If you limit your rest and have a good spotter, this workout should tear your shoulders up (in a good way I mean!) lol
Have a good workout!!

Sweat & Tone! Awesome Shoulder Workout

Shoulder WorkoutThis was my workout yesterday. This is not a bodybuilder workout where you isolate muscles and rest in between exercises. Prepare to SWEAT! I was dripping wet and out of breath practically the whole time. I’m sharing the weight I did so you can get a feel for the right resistance for you. 🙂 Have fun!

Click on the links to see video instruction if you are unfamiliar with an exercise.

#1 SET (5 Sets)
10-12 Heavy Push Presses and Split Jerks
#1: 45lb Bar Standing Military Press
#2: 55lbs Push Press
#3: 65lb Push Press
#4: 75lb Split Jerk
#5 85lb Split Jerk
TIP: Rest between sets so you can lift heavy. Not TOO much rest though. 🙂

10 25lb Snatches (10 Left & 10 Right)
10 Alternating Shoulder Press (ladders) with 8-10lb dumbbells (10 each arm/20 total)
TIP: no rest between exercise. Rest AFTER both exercises are complete back to back.

10 45lb Bar Moderate Military or Push Press
10 8lb Dumbbell Alternating Shoulder Press (Fast ladder press – 10 each arm/20 total)
10 5lb Dumbbell Lateral Raises
TIP: On ladders, one hand should be going down WHILE the other is going up to keep BOTH arms moving. Otherwise one arm gets rest while the other arm works. This super set is about wearing them out.) NO REST until all 3 exercises are complete. Short rest between super sets.

12 Face Pulls with Rope
12 Rear Delt Raises

Let me know how you do!! 🙂

Design Your Shoulders – Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are one of the most shapely muscles on the arm – and my favorite body part to work. Here is my workout I did yesterday. It was awesome!

shoulder workoutLifting Set (with barbell)

12 Shoulder Presses, 45lb bar
12 Shoulder Presses, 55lb

12 Push Presses, 65lb
12 Push Presses, 75lb

10 Split Jerks HEAVIEST, 85lb
Split Jerks HEAVIEST, 95lb (to failure)

Dumbbell Circuit

10 Snatch, 20-25lbs Right (heavy)
10 Snatch, 20-25lbs Left (heavy)
12 Overhead Press, 12-15lb (moderate)
12 Lateral Raises, 5lbs (light)
12 Bent Over Rear Delt Raise 5-10lb (light)

LIFTING SET: 30 seconds to 60 seconds rest between sets for toning and sculpting. Up to 2 minutes if training for power.

DUMBBELL CIRCUIT: No rest between exercises, quick rest between each completed round.

ARM WORKOUT: It’s Time to Sculpt Your Bis & Tris!

bench dipsThis was my arm workout yesterday. I rarely do the same workout twice. I’m always switching things up, so feel free to replace an exercise for an equivalent one – UNLESS you are just avoiding a harder exercise (like dips). Dips are a great exercise, so don’t miss out on those. However, you could do the rope attachment instead of the V-Bar or straight bar instead of EZ curl bar – or you could do overhead dumbbell extensions or kickbacks instead of the EZ bar overhead extension. Hopefully, it will just give you a new idea or just something a little new or different to do. Most of these exercises are just basic exercises most people do all the time – nothing fancy, but still very effective! 🙂

I noted resistance, “heavy, moderate, and light”, to give you an idea of what weight you may need. If I write light, that doesn’t necessarily mean “go light”, it means you probably can’t do the exercise correctly unless you lighten the weight – so should still be heavy, and hard to do, but just use a lighter weight.

DIPS TIPS: Females can use a spotter for regular dips. Spotter will grab the feet/lower leg of the partner to allow them to push off them if needed. If you don’t have a spotter, then do bench dips, but add a plate weight to your lap to make it more challenging.

Arm Workout



8-10 (or to failure) Tricep Dips (heavy) X 3

12-15 Bench Dips (light)  X 3

12 Overhead Tricep Extensions (heavy)  X 3

12 Straight Arm Pull Downs (moderate) X 3

12 Tricep Push Downs (heavy) X 3

12  Tricep Extension Machine (moderate) X 3


12 EZ Curl Bar Bicep Curls (heavy) X 3

12 Alternating Bicep Curls (heavy) X 3

12 Concentration Curls (moderate to light)  X 3

Here’s the matching graphic for today’s workout (for my Pinterest & Instagram friends) 🙂

Arm Workout


15 Exercises That Fight Arm Flab

tricep flabI recently had a question from one of my facebook friends about firming up her arms. No one likes giggly arms, and since her question was a popular one, I thought I’d answer it publicly here in my blog. Here was her question. 🙂

QUESTION: I would like definition on my triceps. I think they look a little chubby. Help. – Vali Villa

ANSWER: Vali, believe it or not, diet and cardio can help a ton. Sometimes flabby triceps are not about needing more muscle, but less fat around the muscle. I’d ramp up cardio & reduce calories to lean out, & crank up my tricep exercises, like the ones listed below. Choose 3-4 exercises and complete 3-4 sets of 12 reps each OR do 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest for even more intensity.

tricep workoutMany times women aren’t lifting enough weight to really change the muscle. You want to make sure you are CHALLENGING the muscle enough to CHANGE the muscle. The weight should be tough enough that you can’t wait to reach 12 reps or 30 seconds – and you may even need someone to help you on the last couple of reps.

The combination of firming up and losing overall body fat should do the trick!

10 Triceps Strengthening Exercises to Fight the FLAB

  1. Triceps-workout-womenTriceps Dip* (guys)
  2. Straight Leg Triceps Dips* (girls)
  3. Triceps Bench Press*
  4. Prone Tricep Extension* (AKA: Nose Breakers)
  5. Dumbbell Pullover*
  6. Overhead Triceps Extension
  7. Seated French Press*
  8. Triceps Kickback*
  9. Cable Triceps Pushdown*
  10. Cable Kneeling Extension*

5 Conditioning Exercises to Fight FAT & Tone the Arms

  1. Close Grip Push-up
  2. Diamond Push-up
  3. Stabilizer Push-up*
  4. Mountain Climber*
  5. Squat Thrust

* These are the ones I personally use the most.

Quickie Arm-Firming Workout

“Time” To Do Arms: Timed Bicep & Tricep Workout

Bicep CurlsThis was my arm workout yesterday. It was fun, fast paced, and challenging. I set the timer, cranked the music, and my workout buddy and I went to town! With timed workouts like this, you don’t have to count. It’s nice to turn off your brain and just go. The timer becomes your boss (hence the name “GymBoss“) and you start when it say start, stop when it says stop – and you get your workout done in less time. It’s a win-win!

Using the GymBoss Interval Timer, do each exercise for the allotted time.

1st Round: 45 seconds on & 15 seconds off
2nd Round: 40 seconds on & 15 seconds off
3rd Round: 35 seconds on & 15 seconds off
4th Round: 30 seconds on & 15 seconds off

•  Barbell Biceps Curl
•  Triceps Dips
•  Resistance Band Biceps Curl
•  Nose Breakers 
•  Triceps Kickback
•  Plank

Complete all 4 rounds.

NOTE: In this workout, I focused more on triceps than I did biceps. Mainly because women typically care more about the giggley underarm part than they do the size of their biceps. The only time you really notice a person’s biceps is when they flex (and who does that?). Triceps, on the other hand, are more visible and also help shape and tone the arm where most women want – under the arm, the side of the arm and where the arm meets the shoulders (which helps make shoulders look more pronounced). I threw in planks to help tone up the entire arm (shoulders, triceps, biceps & forearms), while also tightening the core. Enjoy the workout! Hope you like it!

Time to do ARMS

Shapely Shoulders Workout

shoulder workout

When it comes to women, arm muscles are not all created equal. Big biceps can be manly and make your arms look thick if you aren’t lean. Triceps need to be tone, but you don’t really notice them until you are waving goodbye. Shoulders, on the other hand, now that’s one muscle group that is very exposed and looks great when it’s developed nicely. Get ready to pull those sleeveless shirts out!

This was my shoulder workout this week. I did 3-4 sets of each exercise, 10-12 reps each.

Military Press 45lb barbell, 50lb
Push Press 55lb, 65lb
Split Jerk 65lb, 70lb, 75lb
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 15lb DB
Upright Row 55lbs Barbell
Lateral Raise 5lb DB with straight arms (10-15lbs with bent arms) I prefer straight
Rear Delt Raise (also called Rear Delt Fly) 10lb DB

If you like my top in the picture above, it’s the Braided Tank by DAactive, with a belt-in sports bra.
Super high quality fitness apparel that wears great, doesn’t fade and looks super sharp!


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