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31 Days of Motivation: What Do Your Actions Say About Your Goals?

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I am about to reveal how this fit chick got so stinkin’ hot and tone. It may not be what you think. She didn’t get fit by talking about it. She didn’t sculpt abs by posting workouts on facebook. She didn’t take a pill. She didn’t do it in 6 minutes a day. She didn’t use the Ab Lounge or Thigh Master. It wasn’t her protein shakes, supplements or even her healthy eating that got her looking that good. It wasn’t good intensions, a support group or counseling. No, it was WORK. Very hard work – in the gym and in the kitchen.

Surprise! The people who reach their goals work for it. Their actions speak even louder than their words. They live today, how they they desire to be tomorrow. They don’t have to feel motivated and they don’t have to love each workout – they just have to show up and do the work.

Good News for the Rebel

actions speak louder than wordsWe’ve heard all our life that actions speak louder than words, but how many people talk about getting fit more than they act like it? We are all guilty of that at some point. Sadly, I think we release ourselves from guilt because of our “good intensions”, but what does God say about good intensions? Check out this story that Jesus tells about two sons – one rebellious, and one who appears to be respectful. This is one of my favorite stories because it is so encouraging to see it’s not about how bad we mess up, but about getting on track (or getting back on track) after you messed up. It also (to me) speaks volumes about good intensions. Powerful & encouraging. Here’s the story…

“What do you think? (Jesus says) A man had two sons, and he came to the first and said, ‘Son, go, work today in my vineyard.’ He answered and said, ‘I will not,’ but afterward he regretted it and went. Then he came to the second and said likewise. And he answered and said, ‘I go, sir,’ but he did not go. Which of the two did the will of his father? They said to Him, “The first”.” Then Jesus goes on to say “Assuredly, I say to you that tax collectors and harlots enter the kingdom before you.” (simply because they believed and ended up repenting) Matthew 21:28-32

I think we all have a tendency to rebel. I also think we all “WANT” to do good, and don’t. Sometimes you just have to do what is right, even when you don’t want to (even if it is out of regret and guilt at first). As God blesses you for it (because He will!), I believe your heart will soften and the desires of your heart will change. Now, back to fitness and using this scripture for life application…

Actions Speak Louder

live today how you desire to becomeI believe these same applications applies to fitness (as well as many other areas). It is better to show up dreading your workout than to talk about it, pack your gym bag, and skip the gym. Good intensions aren’t going to get you results. Pretending to be fit, won’t get you results. Posting it on facebook won’t get you results. Your actions must reflect your desires – and sadly, your lack of actions may tell people that you don’t want it as bad as you say you do.

Like the priests and elders (Jesus was speaking to), talking the talk, is not as important as walking the walk. Going to the gym, but not being disciplined in the kitchen, is like going to church on Sundays, and acting like the devil at home. You have to live it – 7 days a week, in public and in private. Like I always say “what you eat in private will show up in public (on your hips!) eventually.”

“Don’t wait on motivation. Don’t wait to “feel like it”. It’s OK to fight it, hate it, dread it, and to rebel against it…at first.” 

Just do it. Don’t wait on motivation. Don’t wait to “feel like it”. It’s OK to fight it, hate it, dread it, and to rebel against it and say “NO! I will not” (but regret it and go anyway). You can mess up, and still stand proud because you DID IT – and you WILL be rewarded. Then, the reward will keep you coming back, and do a major work in your life and body, as well as your mind.

Let’s commit to DOING not just SAYING. Let’s commit to ignoring our rebellious heart and mind, and be obedient – doing what we MUST do TODAY to go where we WANT to go TOMORROW.

I believe most of us want to do the right thing. We want to lose weight and take care of our bodies. We want to be healthy, disciplined and responsible. Now we just need to fully commit to LIVING like we WANT to live. Actions do speak louder than words – to you and everyone else who is watching, including God.

Are you acting as fit as you want to become?

The Secret Tell-All Exposes the Truth Behind Your Fitness Goals

There comes a time when words are no longer enough. The words “I love you” are meaningless and the so-called desire to get healthy is nothing more than a lie. It’s the time when words are overshadowed by actions. They are the tell-all of our life – and believe it or not, we are often blind to it.

I was reminded of this yesterday, when Pastor Jim Gallagher of Calvary Chapel Vero Beach challenged the congregation to a little spiritual check-up. He asked a series of questions that, if we answered honestly (quietly to ourselves thank the Lord!), they would show us where we stood spiritually. Let’s just say, if it were a final exam, I would have not passed that class.

Reality Check
Jim’s questions weren’t designed to make us feel guilty or leave us discouraged, they were created to help give us a much-needed reality check – and I think many of us need a similar reality check in life, and they even apply in fitness.

Test Results
Many people avoid going to the doctor because they really don’t want to know how they are. They are afraid the doctor will discover something seriously wrong, like cancer. What’s worse though? Having cancer and pretending you are healthy, or finding out you have cancer so you can treat it?

That’s why a doctor doesn’t just go off your patient history sheet. You know, the one that asks you if you smoke or how often you drink? You can tell him how healthy you are all day long, but he needs solid evidence, so he’ll run a series of tests. Words are simply not enough.

Jim spoke of this type of evidence saying this profound statement, “Until there is a pursuit, there is no real desire.” Ouch. How true is this in every part of life – our love for God, our career, marriage, family, and our health. We say “I want that” but is there a pursuit in progress?

If you are in pursuit of the desires of your heart, what level of a pursuit are you in? Are you moseying along, taking occasional pit-stops, or are you racing to get there like Mario Andretti?

Sure, you may not want to admit that your evidence of your desire is pretty lame, but do you really want to live life saying one thing and doing another? I don’t.

We will ALWAYS have work to do in our lives – both physically and spiritually. But the minute we quit checking ourselves is the minute we quit striving to be our absolute best, and we start settling for much less. We will begin to believe our own lies – that we deserve things we really don’t, that we are working harder than we really are, that we are doing everything right when we really aren’t and that we are “OK” when we could be really messed up.

So You Say
You say you want to lose weight…
You say you want to work on this marriage…
you want to make more time with the family… 
you want a better job…
you want to save money…
you want to serve God…
you want to make a difference…

Good intensions don’t get results.
Let’s start pursuing the desires of our heart like never before!  – B –

If you are brave enough to get a spiritual check up, I encourage you to click on Jim’s podcast below.

Enduring Love

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