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The Secret to Motivation

“Motivation doesn’t get you results, results gets you motivated.” 

So you want to get fit in 2012, but no matter how gross you feel from eating all the Holiday garbage you still don’t seem to have the motivation you need to actually start now? Sound familiar?

It’s surely not that you don’t want to be fit. The issue is we are too focused on our current condition. When we think of working out we think of “Gym shopping sucks. Great, I get to stuff my body into spandex when I feel my fattest. I’ll be the fattest one in the gym. I’ll be the oldest one in the gym. What if I’m the most out of shape one in the gym? I’m going to look like a total fitness tard. I’m going to BE a total fitness tard. I’m gonna sweat like an out of shape fat kid in gym class. I’m going to embarrass myself. I’ll breath so hard people will think I have COPD. Read the rest of this entry

January 2nd: Time to Erase Your Sins!

Finally!! No more parties filled with crappy (but yummy) food! No more junk in the house. No more excuses to miss workouts. No more body fat!! It’s time to Erase Your 2011 Sins!

Today starts the giant eraser. Yes, today is the day that we quit GAINING weight and we start LOSING it! We burn calories instead of eat them and we decide what we want out body to look like and we start beating it into submission.

Getting fit is not complicated. Losing weight is not complicated either. Brands over-complicate it and lead you to believe you need their product or their methodology to get results. I say Bah HumBug! You need the bare basics to get results. Eat less and exercise more.

Where to Start
You can’t possibly know how Read the rest of this entry

7 Ways to Plan NOW for a Fit New Year

OK, so you’ve been thinking about the New Year already. You’ve been dreaming of how THIS is going to be YOUR YEAR and how you will FINALLY commit to losing weight and getting fit ONCE AND FOR ALL. You are so convinced and focused, you even put your “Face in the Hole” in your favorite scenario to give you extra motivation. Maybe that was just me. Ha!

Problem is, it’s easy to get so bogged down in Christmas activities that we find the New Year suddenly smacking us in the face – and we’re NOT ready for it. If we aren’t prepared, we’ll be one of those people finally starting their New Year’s Resolutions in February. Don’t believe me? Trust me, I’ve signed up a LOT of gym members in my time and I can’t tell you how many people finally come in WEEKS after they had hoped – even despite their good intentions.  Read the rest of this entry

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