30 Days of Motivation

make time not excusesWhether you are just starting, starting over or just needing a little motivation to take things up a notch, follow my 30 Days of Motivation series. In January, I committed to giving my readers 30 days of motivational topics, tips and support. Of course you don’t need to wait for New Year’s Resolutions to set goals, start fresh or start over. You can reinvent yourself any day at any time.

Let today be the beginning of a new you. The day you put your past behind you and you work to be the very best you can be.

 “A person may aim high and hit low, but they rarely hit high if they aim low.” 

30 Days of Motivation:

  1. 30 Days of Fitness Motivation
  2. Make Time, Not Excuses
  3. Get Back Up Again
  4. Ready, Set, NO-GO!
  5. Put Your Body on a Budget
  6. Eat Clean, Look Lean
  7. 10 Ways to Easily Boost Your Fitness
  8. Encouragement for the Discouraged
  9. Know Your Rights
  10. 5 Ways to Fight Diet Sabotage
  11. Could I? Would I? Should I?
  12. Leave the Past in the Past
  13. Fitness Isn’t a Job, It’s an Opportunity
  14. Don’t Let the Work Overshadow the Reward
  15. Does Your Diet Need More Muscle?
  16. You Can Tough it Out
  17. Don’t Let Your Weekends Get in the Way of Your Goal
  18. Keep Your Goals Closer
  19. How Willing Are You?
  20. The Secret to Getting Fit – What the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know
  21. How to Set an Effective Workout Schedule
  22. What is Your Decision?
  23.  It’s Time to Get Energized!
  24. Your Grass Could Be Greener Too
  25. Quit Quitting
  26. No Gym, No Problem
  27. You Can’t Afford to Eat That!
  28. The Truth About Training Your Abs
  29. Fat WILL Surrender
  30. The Truth About Muscle Gains

CLICK HERE to view my motivational quotes.

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