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  1. Thank you for your insightful posts. I love reading them!

  2. Do you know of a coach in Sacramento?

  3. You have a really nice website in here! I will definitely be back for more articles and will check out your profiles too! 😉

  4. How can I post these on my blog!! I’m a blogger. —take a look Please help advocate fo PE in schools!!!



    • I’m so sorry for the delay in response, I missed your comment. You can ReBlog or you can copy and paste some content, and then add a link to my blog. As long as you give me credit and share a link to my original blog, you can share as much as you want. I just finished up 30 days of motivation with daily mantras – they may be fun to share 🙂 Hope you have a great 2013!!

  5. Rose Renee Moody

    Hey Bonnie. I am just so very blessed/happy that I ran across your “like” page on FB. I am in major need of help with toning up my upper legs. Long story I am going to try my hardest to make short. A little over 11 years ago I was in a very severe car accident. Brain injury and every single bone in my body pretty much was broken. My upper legs, and knees are very weak. Hard to explain, but my left knee makes a cracking likr noise when I bend down. It is not sore, just weak. Another thing, I know how to run but my legs just wont let me. HaHa that make sense at all to ya?! I am in just such a question with what the heck I can do. I pray and hope that you can help me out. Well hope you have a remarkable weekend, and hope to hear back from you soon….=)

  6. Hey Bonnie! I love love love reading your posts and subscribe to get them emailed to me so I never miss one 🙂 I have a question for you…what are you recommedations on staying fit through a pregnancy and after having the baby?


    • The key is to just stay active. You can pretty much do everything except for lay on your stomach (like prone leg curls, etc). The further along you get, you have to be more careful with squats and such, but you’d be amazed what you can do during pregnancy. I’ve had several instructors that taught aerobics all the way up to giving birth. Just listen to your body, keep moving and be careful to not use the baby for excuses to eat huge portions 🙂 Hope that helps!

  7. I have used Tony Horton’s videos (ten minute trainer, P90x) and cycling to drop 45 pounds. I am not using insanity and not liking it too much, but I will finish it as my goal this year is to drop another 35 to 65 pounds and to cycle again. I prefer to work out at home and then pedal. What types of DVDs or workouts would you suggest? The sports doctor told me that I cycled to much and over developed some muscle groups and that to reactivate the others I need to do bridges, supermans, etc. Any advice? Thank you so so much

    I use MRI products for cycling and shakeology. I have not had to use any steroids for my asthma or antibiotics since starting shakeology and learning to eat better. steve

  8. Dear Bonnie,

    You are the hottest trainer ever to exist. Keep up the amazing work.

  9. Bonnie, Ive been doing your butt workouts and I gotta say my butt looks great… well one side that is. I swear I work my right butt more than my other it feels not as tight and doesnt look as good.. do you have any ideas for me??

    • Make sure your weight stays on your heels. You could always increase resistance on your left side. You may just be weaker on that side and just need to build it up more. But, that’s a first for me! ha! It could also just be in your head (but I won’t go there!) hahahah 🙂 Good luck!!!

  10. Bonnie, are any of your motivational pictures available in posters? I would love to get some of them to hang around my workout space, and I also know a couple of trainers who would love to have them in their gyms as well.

  11. Thanks! That would be awesome 🙂

  12. Hey Bonnie! I love your blog and have found your posts motivating and so helpful. I was really inspired by your post that featured Ursla-the 40 yearl old that competed in her first body building competition and won. I am 40 and just started working out this year. I would love to gain more muscle so I’m curious about what Urslas diet consists of and how often she does weight training-I have no desire to be a bodybuilder butt wouldlove to be leaner and more muscular.

    • Even bikini competitors follow a “body builder” type diet. They just don’t lift as heavy and take as much protein and suppleness. 🙂 if you look up GNC diet at that can give u an idea. That’s my husband’s blog where he posted a sample diet

  13. Hi Bonnie,

    I came across your website informally, and became inspired after viewing your “get to know us” video…especially when you mentioned your mom’s weight loss. I am a woman in my 50’s that is trying to get a handle on my health…can you point me to any articles on your blog or website that may be written for my age group who are trying to lose weight and “start again” with exercise. Thank you in advance

    • Yes, CLICK on my WELCOME tab. That’s everything I’d teach, or do, with a new client. All the staples. Also, I have a handbook, which I use in our boot camps (it’s the GET PFIT Handbook on the top right of my page). It’s $14.99, but i created just for all the people who ask me how to get started. It’s literally everything we teach in our private boot camps or personal training programs. 🙂 Hope that helps!!! Welcome to the PFIT PFAM!

  14. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I’ll be certain to follow up with your suggestions. For future topics on your blog… This is something I’d be really interested in reading 🙂

  15. Hey, thanks for your inspiring & informative posts 🙂 I’ve been trying to eat clean and keep fit (walking, running, strength training, you name it) for the past 3 months but I very recently noticed some discomfort with my knee and the doctor told me I have a slight tear in a ligament in my knee. Could you maybe help with some insight as to what exercises to avoid so that it doesn’t happen again or what I may be doing wrong? I don’t want to give up my exercise routine that easily cause I’ve been feeling stronger & fitter, but this injury is discouraging and kinda scary to me because I’ve exercised a lot before but this has never happened. Thanks 🙂

  16. Bonnie when are you going to start posting again on Liveexercise. Every tip you had was lost when they upgraded.

  17. Where can I order your motivational posters?

  18. Hi Bonnie,

    What a great blog! I work for the BlenderBottle Company, and was wondering if you have an email address I could contact you at.

  19. Bonnie
    Did this workout with my gang in canada
    20 min workout
    8 rounds no rest

    50 mountain climbers
    10 abs crunches
    10 push ups
    10 Two hand kb swings
    10 body squats
    10 One hand kb pull ups to chin

    good workout burns fat

  20. I love your motivational pics. Is there any way to get them printed?

  21. I really want to do a pull up! That’s one of my goals. Can you do a post in how to build up and different exercises?! I see people do them all the time and I want to be one of those people!

  22. Bonnie Pfiester,

    My name is Ali, and I’m from Sheer Strength Labs. I noticed that you’ve got a great podcast, I really like the episode about “Weekly Ab Workout plan” your blog is growing, I really like the in depth explanation for every exercise in your blog. It looks like your audience is really growing, and I wanted to reach out to you.

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    For example, one thing that we can do is set up a coupon code to give our supplement away to your audience, and pay you for the orders that come in. Another is to promote your stuff to our growing audience.

    Should we keep talking? If so, I’ll put you in touch with our owners.


  23. just discovered your great blog…congrats….question: there are so many conflicting sites touting they have the correct calculations on how many cals you should consume based on age, gender, activity level, height, weight (etc)…which one do you recommend?

  24. Would you be interested in becoming an Affiliate of LifeSpan Fitness and earn commissions from sales? Send me a message.

  25. I am starting totally from the beginning : my goal is in 3 years to be where I want to be. Fit, healthy and lean : I have a way to go, any advice for a total beginner?

  26. I have a question for you. I’m a 42 year old male, who use to be overweight and obese. I’ve since lost a lot of weight, and as you can imagine, I now have a pouch where my keg use to be. While I’m stocked about my weight loss, I still can’t seem to get rid of the pouch. What can I add to my workouts to help in getting rid of what I call the “Obese pouch” I’m in the process of changing my workouts to start toning, but I want to also focus on developing a 6-pack ab (or minimum reduce my pouch to barely noticable. Advice?

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  28. Hey Bonnie,

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  31. i tried looking up “ruffles for love” on Etsy and there wasnt a listing! looks cute!

  32. Monica Slade-Sevener

    Hi Bonnie. I follow you on several of your social media sites. I especially enjoy your motivational quotes/photos! I would love to see those compiled into a 12-month wall calendar.

  33. Hi Bonnie! I’ve been enjoying your blog for the past couple of months. I’m the owner of Nature’s Research Nutritionals, LLC, and last year my company launched a female-specific line of nutritional products that are all-natural and focused on functional health. Our brand is called Empowered Premium Nutrition. We offer a meal replacement powder (3 flavors) as well as a whole-food antioxidant and a probiotic. I would love to send you some samples of my products. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  35. Hi Bonnie, I am a Marketing Manager for a new company called Trimr. We have completely redesigned the protein shaker bottle and are looking for ways we can share it. We would love to be feature on your blog. Thanks!

  36. Olivia Coronado

    what is the calorie count on the power bagel from eistein and how much protein does it have?

  37. Hey,

    I work for a small sandal company and I keep telling my coworkers about your boards. They are awesome.

    I am not sure how this works, but please take a look at our collection online at If you love them, I would be ecstatic if you could pin some pictures.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    p.s. I see the irony of pitching a sandal story when most of the country is in a deep freeze

  38. I love your site, however, I can’t do most of the exercises. I have achilles tendonitis and PVS on my right knee so I am very limited as far as exercising goes. Could you possibly do a post for individuals like myself, or a series of workouts that injured people can do. In addition to this you should also include a sample meal plan so we can see results faster. Thank you. I hope you listen to my suggestions and I am looking forward to seeing your future posts.

    – Ruthy

  39. Bonnie. Is there any way to get your “Fit For a King” as a poster or other materials? I notice the Fitness Motivation pictures you have on your site for purchase are limited. Thanks for your help.

  40. Hi Bonnie, I follow your blog and all your recipes for Sunday prep they are wonderful. I was wondering what a Sunday prep day is when you guys are eating super clean. Also, is it possible to hire you for a nutritional program? Thank you.

  41. I just saw your music choices, was thrilled to see them. Here a couple I would love to tell you about: Go Hard by Lacrae Dance by Jesus Culture, Live out Loud by Group 1 Crew and LEts Go by Group 1 Crew, Hell and Back by Kid Ink

  42. Hey Bonnie,

    I admire your leadership in the health and fitness space. We’d love for you to be a beta tester for the Skulpt Aim ( when we launch in August. It’s the first consumer device to measure fat percentage of individual body areas as well as accurately rate the muscles’ quality.

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  43. Are posters avail for: 2013 Stick With It, 4 Simple Rules, Fit for a King, and Fitness Motivation?

  44. Hi Bonnie,

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  48. Hey Bonnie!
    Love your work and writing! If you’d ever be interested in writing something for us over at we’d love to have you! 🙂

  49. Hi Bonnie,

    I would like to contact you regarding a product review inquiry. How can I reach out to you?


  50. Bonnie,
    Who is the sweaty female model in your Nov 26 post for “Bounce Back Fast”,

  51. I just came across your “31 DAYS MOTIVATION: You Can Change in 2014” while looking for images to share daily as encouragements, and though I know you did the 31 days for use in January, I truly believe it is NEVER too late to start a “new year” of life, and I feel a strong leading of the Lord to do a 31 “challenge” for the month of October using it in a group on Facebook, if you would honor me with your permission. We are in the last half of a Psalms 118:24 Challenge for the month of September. There is such a mighty move of God going on at this time, a glorious shift in the supernatural atmosphere and we as the redeemed must be fully prepared.

    I do not believe I came across your blog by accident.

    God bless,
    Minister Rhonda R. Hudgins-Bundy

    PS Although I logged in with my Facebook account, the better email to reach me personally at regarding my request is

  52. Bonnie, I love your site the motivation it offers along with the amazing fitness tips and recipes are out of this world amazing!!!! I love your site so much that I’ve shared a few of your links to your PFITblog in my newsletter THE VINE . . . the links lead directly to your website 🙂 Brake 5 reaches 4,000+ women worldwide in the US & 86+ countries. Here’s a link to this week’s newsletter for you to see your links under ‘Weekly Recipe’ & ‘Weekly Fitness Tip’. Keep motivating us! Keep smilin’, Jenn here’s the link 🙂

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