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Fat Burning Bikini Workout

snatch overhead lunge

This workout is a fat-burning workout with an emphasis on toning the lower body, shoulders and abs. Weight and rest is SUPER important. Weight should be challenging and rest should not go one second over the prescribed rest time. Each round should take 15 minutes, making this workout a killer 45 minute workout. Click on the exercise to see video demonstration.

40 Seconds Box Jump
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Thrusters (35LB OR 45LB)
60 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Snatch to Overhead Lunge (10, 12, or 15LB DBS – pictured above)
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Tuck Jumps
60 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Jump Rope
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Assisted Pull-up (use bands to assist or do HEAVY pull downs)
60 Seconds

40 Seconds Diagonal Elbow to Knee Plank Crunch
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Bicycle Crunch
60 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Kettlebell Swing (HEAVY!!)
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Step Back Lunge (with 10, 15, 20 OR 25LB DBS   or PLATES)
60 Seconds Rest

Complete 3 Rounds

Fat vs Muscle: 4 Myth-Busting Truths

It’s amazing how easily people adopt certain beliefs or principles just because it sounds good. People spew out headlines from the latest magazine articles without even thinking twice. Or they take pieces of information someone shares with them in the gym, without even questioning it, or researching it further. We are too gullible  As a result, the world is riddled with partial truths, misunderstandings and downright lies.

Get After the Truth – pFACT or pFICTION?

Here are 4 statements that are often either misunderstood or just plain wrong. Find out if these claims are fact or fiction.

1. Muscle weighs more than fat. 

If you fill one container full of fat, and another matching container full of muscle, the container of muscle would outweigh the container of fat. If you needed the two containers to weigh the same, you’d have to remove some of the muscle to balance the scale. To help our clients understand this better, we actually bought a replica of 5lbs of fat and 5lbs of muscle to show our clients. With the help of our replicas, it’s now easy to see why you would weigh the same but appear smaller if you were to lose 5lbs of fat and gain 5lbs of muscle. Also, it is shocking to see just how BIG 5lbs of fat is. We often act like gaining, or losing, 5lbs is no big deal – but you can see here that it is indeed a HUGE deal. Answer: pFACT. Muscles does weigh more than fat.

2. Muscle can make you bigger.

Look at the replica of 5lbs of muscle. It is clearly smaller than its equal weight in fat – I’d guess at least two-thirds the size. Food makes you bigger, not muscle. And, muscle can get stronger without necessarily getting bigger. If you keep your calories the same and workout, you’ll likely change your shape but not your weight – gaining muscle and losing fat. If you do this, you will actually be smaller, not bigger. The problem is, many people who start lifting weights tend to eat more (thinking they can “afford” to eat more). Or, if they boost their protein, they forget to reduce calories from other substrates to make room. As a result, they accidentally increase their overall calories, causing weight gain. Answer: pFICTION. Muscle can’t bulk you up unless you eat to bulk up.

3. Muscle can turn into fat.

Muscle is always muscle, and fat is always fat. Muscle can’t change its very nature and turn itself into fat, or bone, or anything else for that matter. However, it can decrease in size (muscle waste) if it’s not used and perserved. And, in the event you lose muscle mass, your metabolism can slow down causing weight gain. Another issue is people, like football players and other young athletes, continue to eat how they ate when they were active. As they slow down, their eating should slow down as well. That’s why many once-fit football players are now fat ex-football players. They pack fat on top of their muscle simply because they don’t adjust their eating to fit their new activity (or non-activity) level. Answer: pFICTION. Muscle doesn’t turn to fat.

4. Muscle helps you burn fat.

Muscle is less efficient than fat. Muscle is like a Dodge Viper, and fat is more like a Toyota Prius. Another words, muscle burns through the gas (calories) faster than fat. 1 gram of fat gives you 9 calories of energy, but 1 gram of protein only gives you 4 calories. So, you can see how fat stores give you more “mileage” per say. Why this is important to understand is because we want to BLAST through the calories, we don’t want a fat efficient body. We want a gas guzzling muscle car body that burns gas like crazy. With that said, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn – which is very helpful when you are trying to lose weight. Answer: pFACT. A muscular body burns more calories, even at rest.

#GetAfterIt! Ten-Four Good Buddy

As a ambassador for Reebok, I have to say, I’m proud that Reebok is encouraging people to “get after it” (that’s why you may see the hashtag #getafterit in many of my tweets.) It’s not enough to “just do it” we need to GET AFTER IT – and chase your goal like never before. “Get After It” has a sense of urgency, a sense of forward motion, a sense of of taking something all the way to the finish line. Get After it isn’t easy. It’s not just showing up – it’s being in it to win it. As a CrossFit partner, Reebok wants you to put your body to the test and train like a champ. If you are ready to get after it, burn fat and tone muscle with this intense BCx circuit! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


10 rounds of the following 4 exercises for time with little to no rest. You can slow down, but try not to stop.

10 Jax

10 Burpees

10 Push-ups

10 Sit-ups


Note: Track your time each time to track your improvement.

Try more BCx Workouts on our BCx Youtube or Join in our online BCx Boot Camp program at FitStudio.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Real Women + Real Success = Real Motivation

There is nothing more motivating than seeing people just like yourself, reaching their goals. Why? Because when we see a super fit person, we think maybe they just have good genes. Or, maybe we think they have no life, with all the time in the world to pump iron and pose in the mirror. BUT, when we see someone who works full time, has kids and maintains a crazy schedule AND gets fit – now THAT’s impressive and motivating! We want REAL people with REAL results.

The 3 ladies in this article worked out at home. They didn’t have a trainer or a dietician. They didn’t have to spend a lot of money. They just had to keep showing up and doing their fitness homework as prescribed online – FREE. Sure, they probably never dreamed it would change their lives, but it did – and it can change your life too. Here are their stories.

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Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!

“Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!” This is one of Steve’s favorite things to say during BCx Boot Camp. Meaning – don’t look at what everyone else is doing, just worry about yourself.

Boy, I wish we could get this through our THICK skulls!! How easy is if for us to look at someone else and think “they are so much better”, “they are faster”, “they are skinnier”, “they are stronger”, “they don’t have kids”, “they don’t have 3 jobs”, “they don’t have a bum knee”, “they’ve never been overweight”, “they don’t understand”, “they are young”, “they have a high metabolism”….and the list goes on!

SO WHAT! “They” aren’t YOUR problem – YOU are. If you focus on everyone else, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you focus on what YOU can do, then you can make some serious progress. Read the rest of this entry

Life’s “Falls” are Necessary to Grow Strong

A child can’t walk on their 1st try. Success comes with practice – and many falls.

I woke up this morning thinking about failure and how our “falls” in life are necessary to grow stronger. It made me think of a child. When trying to get a baby to walk, if he or she could speak, I am sure the words that would come out of his or her mouth would be “but mom, I can’t” – but they CAN and DO!

Of course they only start walking after about a million falls, wiggle/wobbles and tears, but they eventually walk – and before you know it, they are so good at it you have to hold their hand so they don’t run off.

You can – and WILL
Fitness is the same way. When we have a brand new boot camper, the words “I can’t” often come out of their mouths. “I can’t run”, “I can’t do push ups”, “I can’t lift that” – and you know what? They CAN and DO.  Read the rest of this entry

Get Over It!

It was the first day of Boot Camp for Ellen Minotty and I can remember it like it was yesterday. As soon as the orientation was over she made a beeline straight for Steve. Although I couldn’t hear what she told Steve, I remember his answer, “get over it”.

We laugh about that day because those three words were part of a turning point for Ellen. How often do we hold on to excuses and let them paralyze us. If we could just “get over it” like Steve said, we could actually move on and make some progress – and progress she’s made. Three boot camps and thirty-five pounds later, Ellen learned to quit making excuses.

Unfortunately, people tiptoe around the truth and candy coat fitness to the point it hurts more than it helps. Think about it. How many times have you heard someone say “oh honey, maybe you’re not losing weight because you aren’t eating enough”. Talk about sabotage!

People don’t need to hear they are doing all the right things when they’re clearly not getting all the right results. The problem is no one wants to be the bearer of bad news – especially when someone has tried to the best of their ability to do the right thing.  Read the rest of this entry

Steve & Bonnie, Behind the Scenes @ FitStudio

Steve and I share our experience as Trainers and Fitness Advisors for FitStudio, powered by Sears. It’s already becoming more than we ever imagined! Hope you join us and become part of something really great!

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Sharing our Workouts with YOU!

Many of you already know we have put together special boot camp workouts for FitStudio, which is powered by the number one fitness retailer in the nation – SEARS! Yep! You heard right! Now you don’t have to live in Florida to do our BCx Boot Camp. You can join the FitStudio community and workout with us there!

And just to make it even MORE FUN! We decided to share bonus workouts and tips with you on our BCx Blog (which you can view by clicking on the links the the RSS feed on the right). On our BCx Blog we’ll post our own workouts, workouts from BCx Club (our INTENSE BCx workouts) and other fun exercises you can add to your own routine. All-in-All, everything on the BCx Blog will be focused on workouts. No diet talk, no blogging about nothing – just pure fitness, pure sweat, pure workouts! ENJOY!

Boot Camp: Fear, Tears, & Victory

If you have ever thought of doing a boot camp program where you live, this is a great inside look into a “newbie’s” experience. Common fears, thoughts, feelings (both mental and physical) and the victories discovered along the way. I recently got an email from one of out new boot campers and it touched us so much, we had to share. I hope it encourages you to try something new and go outside your own comfort zone so you too can have a story to share.

Dear Bonnie, Steve & Paula:

“Boot camp is over and I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and feelings about that – mostly gratitude. I have no doubt that you’ve each received hundreds of ‘thank you’ notes from those whose lives you touched and … here’s another one!

Thank You! What an amazing ride this has been! You are each extraordinary & amazing leaders! You put the breath back in my body! You got my heart pumping again and I feel alive! Now don’t get me wrong … I give myself full credit for finding you and falling at your feet but you helped me find the strength to stand and run! Astonishing!

I have to share a few highlights from my journey:
I’ve lived in the area for about 2 years and everyone I’ve met so far either doesn’t exercise or they have a home gym of some sort so I was lucky to find you on the internet. As with most people’s stories I reached that point when I had to make a change in my life – fast. For me that day was April 9, 2011. Time was on my side because a new boot camp was scheduled to start on April 18th.

MapQuest directed me to your door and I marched in and slapped my deposit check on the counter and then quickly marched right back out before I talked myself out of it. I held my breath until the 18th.

Day 1, Orientation:
I opened your front door and it was standing room only. It seemed that everyone knew at least one other person and the whole place was loud with chatter. I suddenly felt like I was the only one who had no clue about what they were supposed to do. (I’m 5 feet tall so it’s pretty easy to get lost in a crowd.) I’ll never forget what happened next … through the sea of rear-ends and elbows this gorgeous face appeared with a smile that lit up the shadow I was standing in. Bonnie, you greeted me like a VIP!

I seriously thought there was a case of mistaken identity for a second and then I realized you really are just that cool. 

The way you spotted me in the pack and talked directly to me. You didn’t keep looking all around the room – you looked right at me until you were sure I understood what the agenda was. And then you gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder. I felt like your personal guest and I knew I was in the right place. Thank you Bonnie!

We all crammed into the boot camp room and I met Steve and Paula for the first time. Steve immediately began shouting commands … line up, arms out … hold them up! The room was really crowded and somehow I got pushed right up to the front row – so close to Steve his breath moved my hair when he bellowed. There is actually a picture of this intense moment on the boot camp bulletin board (I’m the first one in the ‘Live United’ t-shirt & glasses). Still holding our arms up and keeping them up I felt my eyes puddle.

Yep, I shed my first tear within the very first 3 minutes of boot camp. Why? Because that was the moment I really realized the terrible shape I was in and that this was going to hurt. How did I let myself get like this?!

Day 3
Steve makes me laugh so hard my ‘sip of water’ came out of my nose! Just when I was beginning to take myself too seriously and get far too focused on the struggle – Steve cracked jokes – hilarious! It was the perfect diversion. Thank you Steve! (pictured right wearing a wig in another boot camp class)

Day 4
Paula makes me cry. Those f-ing burpees! (Please pardon my implied profanity. Sometimes there is just no better word.) This was a real breakthrough for me. I was coming in waaay last on everything and getting really frustrated. This particular time everyone was finished, taking a breather and drinking some water but I still had 10 more burpees to do – now with a full audience.

I thought my sweat hid my tears but Paula was dialed in. She stood right by me and said, “I want everyone to cry! That tells me you care! That tells me you really want this!”

Then she intuitively knew exactly how to motivate me … she announced, “These burpees are kicking her butt – but look at her form! These are perfect burpees! Good job Lis!” Suddenly I was no longer ashamed of coming in last – I was showing off! And the way she said my name – no ‘a’ just like family – really made me hear her. Thank you Paula!

Day 6, Saturday Yoga with Steve:
I’ve never watched a man get into a yoga pose and demonstrate tremendous flexibility, balance and strength while articulately explaining the how and why of the posture and throw in off-the-wall humor at the same time.

So instead of coming off like some ego maniac demonstrating an impossible act, he made a very difficult posture seem like any goof ball could try it.

And I did. And I was amazed by what I could do. Steve walked around the room helping us make corrections or adjustments and as he passed by me he put one finger on my shoulder and said, “nice job”. It was the last day of the first week and I had no strength left but that atta-girl made me want to work twice as hard. Thank you Steve!

I could barely walk that first week. I wore a baseball cap to work everyday because I could not lift the hairdryer.

I went home early from work twice and just called in sick all together that first Friday. It was the most physically challenging, painful, wonderful and rewarding week of my life! I’ve never hurt so much but been so proud of myself at the same time! I just completed week 4 but it didn’t seem like anything compared to week 1. (You told me so!)

Paula has this amazing ability to make time fly … like when we’re making a chair on the wall or holding plank … legs on fire, can’t breathe, she’ll start dancing around the room and make crazy faces at everyone which always made me laugh which forced me to breathe. Or she does lines from movies and we have to guess who it is. Or music trivia – rock & roll of course! Next thing you know 1 minute has passed or even 2!

Paula you pushed me further than I ever dreamed I could go. You showed me where I needed to improve or pick up the pace and you ALWAYS pointed out when I was good at something. You motivated each of us uniquely – like a tailored fit. By the 2nd week I realized that everyday I just wanted to make YOU proud and I ended up proud of me. Thank you Paula! I just wish you had been my algebra teacher in high school. I might have figured that stuff out too.

I also need to thank Andy at the front for always being so helpful and hospitable. He is a wonderful compliment to the work you do there – really special. Most of us could be his mother but he didn’t discriminate. Many times our squad would be running a warm up lap in the front parking lot at 5:30 AM and he’d smile and cheer us on while wiping down the front door windows. He helped me with my In-Body twice and both times he was very knowledgeable and supportive. He remembered my name on my 3rd day. 

I’ll never forget dragging in at 5:15 AM and there he was with a big smile on his face, “Good Morning Lisa.” He remembered all our names! Nice touch.

Steve and Paula – you are very different people but both of you found those critical one on one moments that helped drive me and inspire me and when it was all said and done neither of you wanted the ‘thanks’.

Both of you exuded such humility those last days and just kept pushing it back on us, “no thank YOU”, “this is what I love to do”, “You did the work”, “you’re why I get up so early”, “look at the progress you made”, “thank yourself”.

Truth be told – none of us could have made it without either of you. Thank YOU! I’m sure I speak for many people when I say – when my weight is up, my energy is low and my self esteem tanks. All of these things that each of you do everyday from that first hello – renewed my spirit. I feel like myself again. I still have a long way to go but I’m on the right track. How do you say thank you for that?!”


Lisa Evans

BCx Workout: “BUTT WHY?”

FitStudio teaser (from our 6-week boot camp coming soon to FitStudio, powered by Sears) 

20LBS SAND BAG (who says you need weights!)
2 1-GALLON WATER JUGS (or dumbbells) 
FLOOR MAT (or towel)

You can still do this workout even if you have nothing. Pretend to jump rope and use your own body weight as resistance – the workout will still be very challenging. If you want to be creative, look around your house and use something of weight to add to your program, like our 1-gallon of water suggestion. 🙂

BCx TIP: 1 Gallon of Water weighs 8.33lbs

WARM-UP: Rhythmic (140 BPM)
TIP: Get music to set the pace at – available FREE!
8 Jogs & 8 jaxs (4 sets)
8 Shuffle touch (shuffle to the right, touch the ground, shuffle left and touch) & 8 two-step hiesman (4 sets)
8 squat arm circles & 8 side to side reach over (with both arms out, lean and stretch arms to the extreme left & then right) (4 sets)
3 minutes jump rope


PT TEST (entire circuit done for time)
100 jump rope
25 sit ups
25 push ups
25 burpees
100 jump rope

 Document time.


Tools: 2 1-gallon water jugs
This mission is not for time.  Emphasize technique an form.


25 squats (with jugs on chest or on the shoulders)
15 straight unilateral 1 leg deadlifts  Left side, then Right with jugs (also called 1-leg Romanian dead lift, looks like an oil pump going up & down – pictured left)
25 step back lunges/25 knee repeaters L/R (jugs)
25 bridges (bilateral)
20 bridges (unilateral) L/R



THE JERK (4 rounds/3 minutes) 30 seconds situps between rounds
TOOLS: 20lb sand bags & 2 1-gallon water jugs (or dumbbells)
Unlike the last Mission, this Mission can be done fast and sloppy (hence the name, you will likely be jerking that weight around and doing everything you can to get it up in the air by the time you get toward the end) .

WORKOUT DESCRIPTION: Begin by holding sand bag up to your chest (or 25lb dog or cat – just kidding) while standing in a squatting position, stand and press over head and repeat 25 reps as fast as possible. Then do 50 Buttkiks holding water jugs (yes, no rest for your arms & hands). Complete 25 presses/50 butt-kicks as many times as possible every three minutes, ending with an additional 30 seconds of sit-ups.

 (3 minutes) X’s four rounds

25 Squat thrust – use 20 lbs sand bag  (use any tool 10-25 pounds)
50 buttkiks – use  (2) 1-gallon water jugs (count every time your right foot strikes the ground)


(Protein Shake Time!)

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