22 Ways To Do Push Ups

22 Ways to Push UpYesterday, I asked everyone what their favorite upper body exercise was. Although answers varied from pull-ups to upright rows, one exercise stood out: The Push Up.

Honestly, push-ups are just amazing. Not only do they work the chest, they tone the triceps, biceps, shoulders and core – all in one workout. But did you know there are many different ways to do a push up? Hand placement, tools and angles can help you hit muscles in different ways.

For instance, the closer you place your hands together, the more you work your triceps and inner chest (cleavage) area. The further out you place your hands, the further out on your chest you work (like your under arm bra strap area). If you place your feet up on a platform, or raise your hips up into pike, you put more weight on your shoulders and upper chest. You can even do push-ups on an uneven surface like a medicine ball or bosu to challenge your core more.  This is why it’s best to try incorporate different styles into your workout – to hit your muscles in different ways, and continue to challenge your strength and range of motion.

Never done a push up? Start with the Modified Push-up. The key is to keep your bottom down. If you were to string a line from your head to your toes, your body should be in a straight line, following that line as you do the exercise. Always start attempting a military push up (standard push up) and then move to your knees when you can no longer maintain good form. The more you do it, the stronger you get. Have fun!

22 Ways To Do Push Up 

Click on the link to watch video demonstration for each exercise.

  1. Push-up22 Ways to Push Up
  2. Close Grip Push-up
  3. Decline Pushup
  4. Dive-bomber Push-up
  5. Push-up To Sit-up Combination
  6. Push-up To T-plank Combination
  7. Diamond Push-up
  8. Bosu Push-up
  9. Stabilizer Push-up
  10. 22 push upsIncline Push-up
  11. Swiss Ball Push-up
  12. Modified Push-up
  13. Weighted Push-up
  14. Alligator Push-up
  15. Plyo Alligator Push-up
  16. Balance Ball Pike Push-up
  17. Single-leg Decline Push-up
  18. Resistance Band Push-ups22 push ups
  19. Wide Push-ups
  20. Rotational Push-ups
  21. Bosu Kneeling Pushup
  22. Dumbbell Push-up

Ramp up your intensity and try Tabata push ups with the Gymboss Interval Timer. 8 sets of 20 seconds ON and 10 seconds of rest. Talk about a KILLER workout! Whew!

But wait! There’s More!

Now, of course this isn’t ALL the different ways to push up. There are one-arm push ups, plyo push ups, and all kinds of stuff you can do. Check out Funk Robert‘s extremely versatile and powerful push up workout. You’ll see his hands are all over the place – so this workout seriously works from every angle! Maybe someday I’ll grow up to be like Funk and actually learn to plyo like that!! 😉

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  1. One day I will get past the 15 or so I can do now. Thanks for the tips. I never realized push ups could be a work out on their own!

  2. I never really got into push ups until I did P90x. This is a good list to add some variety to my workout. Thanks!

  3. Reblogged this on One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Longer and commented:
    We need to include weight work in our exercise life. I have found that push ups and chin ups work well with cycling.

  4. Those plyo pushup are intense. I can only do about 10 in each set right now. Thanks for all of these different push up examples. I ma going to start mixing it up more!

  5. Do you have any suggestions for those of us with horrible wrists? I’ve had chronic tendonitis in my right wrist and in the last few years have developed very mild early carpal tunnel in my left wrist. It’s mostly due to the way I position naturally when I’m in deep sleep so I have to wear braces on both wrists every night (sexy, right? hehe). I’ve always struggled with yoga and push ups because of my weak and troublesome wrists. I’ve heard conflicting information regarding doing wrist strengthening exercises–it could either help or hurt. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated!!

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