30 Days of Motivation: It’s Time to Get Energized!

tiredOne common excuse for not working out is “I’m too tired” or “I just don’t have enough energy”. Well, I have news for you, you will always be tired, and have no energy, unless you start working out. You reap what you sow.

Have you heard it takes money to make money? This same principle applies to fitness too. Well it takes energy to make more energy. And, also like money, if you do a whole lot of nothing, you get a whole lot of nothing (no energy).

People who workout often times find that they are busier, and do even more than they did when they didn’t workout. Why? Because they now have the energy to do more. They have the energy to be more productive and they have the energy to go to the gym after a long hard day at work. BUT, they had to start somewhere – and I’m sure, before they got all that energy, they too were tired and unmotivated.

If you want an active life, you need to get more active! #getafterit

Laziness vs Activity

About Bonnie Pfiester

Fitness Columnist and Lifestyle Coach, Resident Trainer for Designer Whey, Fitness Advisor for FitStudio, powered by Sears, FitFluential Ambassador and Owner of Max Fitness Club, home of BCx Boot Camp in Vero Beach, Florida.

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