Monday Motivation: I WILL, Because I WANT!

It’s not that I WANT to do the WORK, it’s that I WANT the REWARD. 

So I will RUN, I will TRAIN, I will DIET – no matter how I feel at that moment, because it’s how I want to feel in the moments to come that matters most. 

pFIT pFACTS: It’s Not What I Want to DO, It’s What I Want to GET

  • One hour of fatigue and muscle soreness will improve the other 23 hours of my day.
  • One 3-mile run clears my head and my body fat.
  • One high-calorie splurge only tastes good for 15 minutes, and makes me feels bad the rest of the day.
  • Healthy food fuels me and makes me feel fit.
  • Protein fills me and helps my muscles repair.
  • Pumping iron makes my muscles hard and tight, no matter what mood I’m in.
  • Abs suck, but a flabby belly sucks a lot worse when you are half naked on the beach.
  • Laziness fuels more laziness. Activity fuels more activity – energizing me to another level.
  • No one wants to grow up to be Fat & Lazy.
  • Being disciplined gives me power and confidence.
  • If I don’t run, I will waste the same amount of time doing something meaningless.
  • If I don’t train, I will likely give in to crappy food and compromise.
  • If I DO run, I will feel empowered and successful because I fought laziness and won.
  • If I DO train, I will not screw it all up on tasting something stupid for 5 minutes.

The pFACT is, I am lazy. I like food. I don’t like working out, I don’t like running. I don’t like being out of breath. I don’t like when your muscle burns to the point it feels like it’s going to catch fire. BUT I DO like feeling fit and tone. I DO like feeling good in my clothes. I DO like the energy and feeling fitness gives me. SO, I no matter how much I don’t like it, it really doesn’t matter because if I do the work, I’ll get the reward whether I felt like doing the work or not – and in the end, I know it will all be worth it. No Regrets.


About Bonnie Pfiester

Fitness Columnist and Lifestyle Coach, Resident Trainer for Designer Whey, Fitness Advisor for FitStudio, powered by Sears, FitFluential Ambassador and Owner of Max Fitness Club, home of BCx Boot Camp in Vero Beach, Florida.

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  1. Thank you for this, on the day I need it most.

  2. Thanks for the post! No response needed. You are so busy. Keep it up!

  3. I feel exactly the same way. I don’t really like working out most of the time–I’d much rather be lounging on my couch–but I love the results I get and that’s why I keep hitting the gym day after day. I also have the appetite of a linebacker but I don’t want to look like one, so I try not to eat like one!

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