Fitness: 1 HARD Step Forward, 1 EASY Step Back

The #1 mistake I see in the fitness industry is people working SOOOOOOO HARRRRRRD to burn fat, lift heavy, work hard, sweat buckets, even cry through workouts – only to completely erase their hard work with 15 minutes of poor food choices.

The average person burns 300 calories walking 3 miles or 600-700 calories in a 1-hour boot camp workout. Sadly people THINK they are making good choices but STILL racking up the calories because they are making decisions based on guesses and not facts.

Here are 20 examples of how 1 ITEM from popular restaurants, who all try to offer healthy looking solutions, can erase an HOUR of hard work:  

1 Side of Coleslaw is 410 calories at Boston Market

1.) 1 Cup Granola without milk: 500 calories

2.) 1 Plain bagel with plain cream cheese at Panera: 480 calories

3.) 1 Arby’s Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich: 710 calories

4.) 1 Regular Summer Salad at Crispers (with Herb Citrus dressing): 658 calories

5.) 1 Turkey Wrap at Subway with Veggies, Swiss, Cheese, Mayo, Mustard, 1tbsp oil/vinegar blend: 590 calories

6.) 1 Large Coke from Wendy’s: 320 calories

7.) Carolina Chicken Salad without dressing at Ruby Tuesdays: 707 calories

8.) 1 Burger King’s Original Chicken Sandwich: 630 calories

9.) 2 Slices of Little Caesar’s Pepperoni Pizza: 560 calories

10.) 1 Skinny White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks: 450 calories

11.) 1 Cranberry Orange Scone at Starbucks: 490 calories

12:) 1 Large Fry at Steak and Shake: 472 caloriea

13.) 1 Chicken Biscuit at McDonalds: 479 calories 

14.) 1 Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled with Ranch Dressing: 460 calories

15.) 1 Plain Vanilla McCafé Shake:  830 calories

16.) 1 Serving Olive Garden Salad & 1 bread stick: 500 calories

17.) 1 Fiesta Taco Salad at Taco Bell: 770 calories

18.) 1 Large Sonic Cherry Slush: 640 calories

19.) 1 Sunny Day Smoothie at Tropical Smoothie (withOUT protein): 500 calories

20.) 1 Side of Cole Slaw at Boston Market: 410 calories

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About Bonnie Pfiester

Fitness Columnist and Lifestyle Coach, Resident Trainer for Designer Whey, Fitness Advisor for FitStudio, powered by Sears, FitFluential Ambassador and Owner of Max Fitness Club, home of BCx Boot Camp in Vero Beach, Florida.

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  1. Don’t forget about Panera’s Iced Green Tea (21 oz)- 130 calories!!!!!! I was shocked when I looked this up before lunch one day. Thanks Bonnie!!

  2. Wow, this is eye opening. 410 calories for a side of cole slaw? 500 calories for a bowl of salad and one measly breadstick? No thanks! I’d rather have a burger for those calories!

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