Are You Addicted to the Scale?

Are you addicted to the scale? Maybe you are one of those shoppers who can’t pass a scale in the grocery store with out stepping on it. Well this is for YOU!

The curse of the scale has not only driven people mad, but it’s been known to mislead and discourage many dieters in the early stages of a new fitness program. I see it everyday. People quit working out after just few weeks of beginning their routine because the scale didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear.

Since a standard scale only measures body weight it’s important to know, and fully understand, what your body goes through when you start a new workout program. It is also important to take measurements in addition to tracking your weight. It is very common for someone to lose inches and still weigh the same in the beginning of a new routine.

As you tone muscle, the body holds more water in the muscle cells. This is a good thing. That same water is responsible for causing the muscle to feel nice and firm, but many people quit before they see the benefits reflected on the scale. If you stick with it, you’ll increase muscle mass and your metabolism helping you to lose body fat.

Want a word of advice? Don’t get so wrapped up in weighing yourself that you allow it to dictate whether you stick with a program or not. Also realize that five pounds of muscle is substantially smaller than 5 pounds of fat. This means that you could even weigh the same and look much smaller! If you have started a new exercise routine, hang in there and avoid the curse of the scale. I promise it’s worth it!

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  1. Hi, just stumbled on your web site from digg. It’s not an article I would typically read, but I liked your spin on it. Thanx for creating something worth reading!

  2. I’ve only started weighing myself again after YEARS of not doing so- out of fear of that elusive number on the scale. I’m sticking to once a week and also reminding myself of what you talk about in this post. Ultimately, I don’t care what the number is- if I am at my happy naked weight and I know I couldn’t or don’t need to lose more fat, I’m fine. 😉 Gettin there!!

  3. Have been very addicted to my scale. Here is my journey at

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